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TFA Dostmann receives PSI Sustainability Award for glass drinking straws

Last Friday, the Promotional Product Service Institute (PSI for short) awarded products that are particularly sustainable. We received the Sustainability Award in the Sustainable Product category for GlasWerk drinking straws made of glass. “A forward-looking product with all the relevant, sustainable attributes that makes a farewell to the plastic straw a pleasure.”, said the jury upon their decision.

Two of our employees accepted the award with pride: Andreas Amend, marketing employee and Ewald Kunkel, master glassblower and idea generator for the glass drinking straw.

Der PSI Sustainability Award und die Urkunde für die GlasWerk Trinkhalme aus Glas. TFA Dostmann freut sich darüber

Not just an idea but an alternative: Drinking straws made of glass

Ewald Kunkel has been working for us since 1994. The experienced glass expert had the “brilliant” idea of making glass drinking straws utilising the existing machines. In autumn 2018, he presented the prototype to Axel Dostmann. Our managing director was immediately impressed by the drinking tubes and the development of the product took its course and at the beginning of this year the final product, the GlasWerk drinking straw, was ready to be launched in the market.

The timing could not be more perfect, as the glass straws offer a solution to an upcoming everyday problem: the EU-wide ban on plastic straws that comes into force from 2021.

The product line bears the name GlasWerk, which is, on the one hand, based on the especially selected, high-quality glass and it is intended to celebrate Wertheim as a glass-manufacturing city. At the same time, the name gives an indication of its production in the company’s own factory in Germany.

The management and employees alike are thrilled with the award. “It’s a amazing feeling to be able to inspire so many people with my idea.” Said Ewald Kunkel, pleased with the success. GlasWerk drinking straws have been well-received by the market and are in high demand, especially in the catering industry and as promotional merchandise. A modern laser engraving machine was purchased especially for this purpose.

Geschäftsführer Axel Dostmann und Glasbläsermeister Ewald Kunkel sind stolz über den Award für das nachhaltige Produkt: Trinkhalme aus Glas GlasWerk. In einer kleinen Runde stoßen sie auf die Auszeichnung an. Im Hintergrund sieht man die Produktionsstätte der Trinkhalme.

With GlasWerk drinking straws made of glass, drinking becomes an experience!

The glass straws are produced directly in the glass specialist factory. TFA uses exclusively high-quality SCHOTT® glass from Germany. The choice of material is obvious: glass is food safe, insensitive to temperature variations, reusable and meets all hygiene standards. Upon request, TFA customises drinking straws with laser engraving or printing, thus making the drinking straw an elegant promotional item.

Glas-Trinkhalme GlasWerk von TFA werden in Deutschland hergestellt.

TFA offers the GlasWerk glass drinking tubes in different lengths. This makes them pleasant to handle and yet stable. So, a variant is available for different types of drinks: Smoothies, specialty coffees or milk shakes can be enjoyed with GlasWerk drinking straws, as well as soft drinks, cocktails and long drinks. As glass is completely tasteless and hygienic, an unspoilt and pure drinking experience is guaranteed.

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