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Weather stations with Wi-Fi show you a lot of information on the current weather, the room climate and other data. Smart weather stations with Wi-Fi and App also receive current weather forecasts directly from an Internet weather service. The measured values can be retrieved with a smartphone or tablet anytime and anywhere at your own convenience.

How is the weather like at home? Do I need an umbrella today? Do I need to ventilate the rooms? Is there a risk of frost? A weather station with Wi-Fi will answer all these questions.

With Wi-Fi weather stations, you can control the room climate and, at the same time, connect to the weather, your garden and nature. Discover the pioneering concept in the following sections.

Do you want to buy a wireless weather station? In our sources of online retailer you can find out where you can buy them. Do you have questions about our VIEW weather stations? Then take a look at our FAQs about the VIEW stations.

All weather stations with Wi-Fi from TFA

How does a Wi-Fi weather station work?

A weather station with WiFi has all the functions of a wireless weather station. In addition, it is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. As a result, the wireless weather station expands considerably its range of services and offers many additional functions.

In addition to the indoor and outdoor values measured with their integrated sensors, the TFA VIEW stations receive the latest weather forecasts for the region from an Internet weather service. Time and date are synchronized automatically and personalised info texts and additional weather information such as UV index, pollen index, air quality, probability of precipitation and much more, can be displayed. The station’s own measured values can also be retrieved with a mobile device via the VIEW app while you’re on the move.

Functions of the weather station with Wi-Fi without Internet

All four TFA VIEW weather stations with Wi-Fi can also be used independently without an Internet connection. The basic functions of the Wi-Fi weather station include the tracking and / or display of the following data:

Indoor temperature and humidity
Outdoor temperature and humidity
Weather forecast due to the changes in air pressure
Heat index
Dew point
Perceived temperature
Temperature and humidity alarm
Highest and lowest values
Wind speed
Wind direction
Amount of Rain
Relative pressure
Room climate comfort level display
Time, date, day of the week
Wake-up alarm, snooze and nap timer functions
Moon phase

What does the base station measure?

The indoor module of the TFA VIEW base station measures the indoor temperature with an integrated thermometer. An integrated hygrometer collects humidity data and provides information about the humidity at the installation site. These two measured variables determine the room climate and are the key influencing factors for quality of living and comfort. You can tell when it’s time to ventilate the room or turn the heating on.

The VIEW METEO, BREEZE and PRO weather stations also determine the air pressure in order to predict future weather developments based on these changes.

All base devices have a high-contrast colour display. The brightness can be adjusted in three levels and with a time-controlled dimming function.

What type of transmitters are available for the Wi-Fi weather stations?

The wireless weather stations VIEW METEO, BREEZE and PRO have a thermo-hygro transmitter. The transmitter provides information on temperature and humidity in real time. An anemometer (wind meter) is also included with the BREEZE and PRO weather station. With the PRO weather station, the wind direction and strength as well as the amount of rain or precipitation can also be measured by an integrated rain gauge.

Additional sensors, available as an option, can be connected to Wi-Fi weather stations. The weather stations BREEZE, SHOW and PRO can display up to four sensors. In addition, all TFA VIEW stations can forward measurement data from other transmitters (up to 50 pieces) to the app via Wi-Fi. The data can then be retrieved via the app on a smartphone or tablet.

The following compatible transmitters are currently available:

  • Thermo-hygro transmitter (as indoor and / or outdoor sensor)
  • Anemometer (wind meter)
  • Pool transmitter
  • BBQ thermometer transmitter
  • Rain transmitter
  • Combined transmitter

Forecast function of the Wi-Fi weather station

Conventional weather stations allow a weather forecast based on changes in air pressure. The TFA VIEW Wi-Fi weather stations, if connected to the app and the Internet, can offer you additional weather information from an online weather service free of charge and without an additional subscription. This function includes the following forecast values and data that can be shown on the display:

  • Daily weather forecast (also on every hour on BREEZE and PRO)
  • Daily highest values
  • Daily lowest values
  • Probability of rain
  • Wind direction (BREEZE and PRO only)

Additional functions via the app

With the free VIEW app, you can conveniently retrieve all current measured values and the history of the last 30 days with your smartphone or tablet anywhere, anytime. You will receive additional notifications via push function if set alarm limits are exceeded or fallen below. So, you always have an overview of all data and of important changes occurring.

How do I set up the Wi-Fi weather station?

To set up your Wi-Fi weather station, first operate the wireless transmitter provided and insert the necessary batteries. Then connect the base station with the included power supply. For an uninterruptible power supply, the VIEW stations use backup batteries that should be activated or inserted.

Now download the free TFA View app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, start the app and follow the instructions on the screen.

Note: Make sure that your mobile device on which you have installed the VIEW app is connected to the 2.4 GHz network of your Wi-Fi router and that you have entered the correct password for your Wi-Fi. For more information on how to connect to your router’s 2.4 GHz network, please refer to your router’s documentation.

How to determine the location for the outdoor sensor

The thermo-hygro transmitter is used to control temperature and humidity. If you use it as an outdoor transmitter, find a shady place protected from rainfall. Direct sunlight gives false readings and constant moisture puts unnecessary stress on the electronic components.

The following applies to the anemometer included in the VIEW BREEZE and PRO Wi-Fi weather station: Make sure that the wind sensor is mounted levelled vertically. Ideally, you should mount this outdoor sensor on top of a roof or on a mast, whereby the wind should reach the wind sensor unhindered from all sides. Ideally, you should mount the wind transmitter in such a way that it will be the highest object in the immediate vicinity. This is how you can get the most accurate measurement results.