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The WeatherHub Observer platform is available at and allows you to monitor temperature and humidity levels like a professional on your PC or laptop. You can also have your data fully documented automatically upon request.

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For professionals: WeatherHub Observer platform

WeatherHub Observer

In a professional environment, when it comes to the correct storage of goods or the ideal environmental conditions for people, animals or plants, temperature and humidity values must be closely controlled, monitored and clearly documented.

For these fields of application, we have developed the WeatherHub Observer, a web monitoring system that gathers all the data (measured values/ readings) transmitted by your connected device(s)/WeatherHub compatible device(s) and analises/display them as graphs, etc..

By accessing, the measured values can be retrieved at any time worldwide via PC, tablet or smartphone, and numerous additional functions are available.

All measurement results are displayed in a clear diagram. You can set the observation period yourself. Graphs or texts can be exported as a PDF or as a CSV file and sent by e-mail.

With the monitoring automation function and extensive alarm variants, the system is very efficient. The platform is free to use and requires no additional fee or subscription.

Observer logoWe advise you to begin with a Starter-Setbut if this doesn’t meet your needs, or if you wish to expand your set later on, you can add/connect up to 50 transmitters for temperature and humidity to be monitored via the platform.

Here you will find the WeatherHub transmitters that are compatible with the Observer Web Monitoring System.

An uncomplicated system for many applications

With the WeatherHub Observer, we offer an easy-to-use tool for laboratories, pharmaciesand other applications to monitor:

Refrigerators and freezers, residential living spaces, storerooms, storage rooms (i.e. warehouses) and cold-storage rooms, basements and wine cellars, computer-server rooms, greenhouses, humidors, heating and solar-powered systems, saunas, swimming pools and ponds, facilities for animal husbandry (stables, terrariums, aquariums, fish farms, hatcheries, etc.)