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The right alarm clock enables you to get up on time and start your day. Alarm clocks tell you the time and make sure that you wake up at a certain time. With an alarm clock, you are not only well informed, but it can also adorn your bedroom.

Wake up! Start your day well with an alarm clock from TFA. A reliable alarm clock will wake you up at the appointed time so you can savour every minute of sleep. Choose your ideal alarm clock from many different models and options depending on your taste and needs.

You can read about which alarm clocks make it easier for you to get up in our alarm clock guide. It also shows you what to look for when buying an alarm clock and offers many practical tips.

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Alarm clock guide

As a manufacturer, we offer you comprehensive advice on buying alarm clocks. First of all, however, we would like to clarify the basic question of whether you still need a separate alarm clock for your bedside table at all these days. Now, every smartphone and every computer offers an alarm clock function.

Our recommendation: Get a stand-alone alarm clock in your bedroom.

Apart from its decorative effect, an alarm clock independent of your smartphone can help you reduce screen time before bed and avoid distractions and disruptions to your sleep. Studies show: People who constantly look at their mobile phones also sleep worse.

Table of contents for the alarm clock guide:

> Alarm clocks compared

> Alarm clock: analogue or digital display?

> Buying criteria for alarm clocks

> Practical tips for alarm clocks

What kind of alarm clocks are there?

When it comes to alarm clocks, you can choose between different types of alarm clocks with different alarm functions.

Radio-controlled alarm clocks

Compared to an alarm clock with a quartz clock, radio-controlled alarm clocks offer the advantage that the time of the clock is updated daily via the DCF 77 signal. Whether it is summer or winter time, a radio-controlled alarm clock always shows you the correct time to the second. The time change works automatically with radio-controlled clocks.

Funk-Wecker digital

Time check and more with a digital radio alarm clock.

You only have to remember to set the alarm. Radio-controlled alarm clocks are available in analogue with hands and a dial as well as with a digital display.

Radio alarm clocks

Most radio alarm clocks wake you up with either your favourite radio station or an audible signal. You can also use the integrated FM radio for informative and musical entertainment throughout the day.

Children’s alarm clocks

Buy your little ones their own children’s alarm clock that they can set to ring themselves. If your child really likes their alarm clock, then getting up will only be half as hard.

Light alarm clocks

You can wake up gently with a light alarm clock. These alarm clock models simulate a rising sun in the morning. The simulated sunrise lets you start the day relaxed.

Depending on the model, the alarm clocks have other functions, such as

  • background sounds,
  • a sleep timer or
  • a simulated sunset to help you fall asleep.

Projection alarm clocks

Projection alarm clocks offer the option of projecting the current time or other data onto the ceiling. This way, you always have the time in front of your eyes at night and will never have to look for the right button for the display illumination again.

Alarm clock: analogue or digital display?

Alarm clocks are available with analogue or digital display. Here, we introduce you to the two types of alarm clock: analogue and digital.

What is an analogue alarm clock?

With an analogue alarm clock, the time is displayed by clock hands on a dial with twelve hours. Analogue alarm clocks from TFA run on a battery-powered movement.

The clock display can be numeric, Roman or abstract. Analogue alarm clocks have at least three hands:

  • an hour hand
  • minute hand
  • hands for setting the alarm time

Some alarm clocks are also equipped with a second hand. The hands are often fluorescent. The fluorescent colour enables you to see the time in the dark.

Analogue alarm clocks with sweep movements have a “creeping” second hand and operate almost silently.

Depending on the model, analogue alarm clocks also have additional functions, such as

  • backlighting,
  • a snooze function or
  • a digital date or temperature display.

The bell alarm clock is a special alarm clock with a retro effect, which strikes two metal bells alternately with a small “hammer”.

Analogue alarm clocks must always be switched off in the morning and switched on again before going to bed. Otherwise, these clocks will ring every twelve hours.

What are digital alarm clocks?

A digital alarm clock has a display with digits or numbers in a 12- or 24-hour format.

While you can usually only read the time and set the alarm time on analogue alarm clocks, digital alarm clocks often offer additional functions:

  • display of the date and day of the week
  • different alarm times (also for different days)
  • illuminated display
  • integrated temperature display
  • room climate display: measure humidity and temperature
  • projection of the time onto the ceiling

Buying criteria for alarm clocks

Many alarm clocks have other features besides the time and alarm function. Here, we present some criteria that will help you make the right decision when buying an alarm clock:

Alarm clock ticking

Does the ticking of your alarm clock bother you at night? Then, look for the TFA quality symbol with the crossed-out “tick-tock” icon. Thanks to their sweep clockwork, these models operate particularly quietly and so do not disturb your sleep.


To make sure you can read the display easily at night, many units have a bright backlight that comes on for a few seconds at the touch of a button.

If you want to be able to read the time all night, we recommend an alarm clock with a soft permanent night light that switches on automatically via a light sensor when it gets dark.

Look for the “Eco Light Sensor” sign.

Alarm clock with power adapter or battery

There are alarm clocks that run only on batteries and those that are powered by an adapter or USB connection. Alarm clocks with permanent illumination or projection have a high energy requirement and almost always need a mains connection. There is often a backup battery for emergency operation in case of power failure.

Battery-powered alarm clocks can be set up flexibly, independent of power sockets.

Be aware that batteries have a limited lifespan and check the charging status from time to time. Alarm clocks that are charged via USB charging cables have recently entered the market.

Compact & sturdy

Small and sturdy alarm clocks are great as travel alarm clocks for on the go and even fit in your hand luggage. Models with an integrated night light or backlight help you find your way in unfamiliar surroundings.

Digital travel alarm clock with vibration BUZZ

  • Optionally with vibration and/or alarm sound
  • Ideal for people with hearing impairments or very heavy sleepers
  • Snooze function, backlight with touch of a button
  • Foldable stand also serves as a key lock
  • Compact and sturdy, ideal for travelling

Wake-up call: Alarm

Depending on the device, you can choose between different alarm sounds, such as buzzing, beeping, music or even light. Many alarm clocks have a rising alarm tone. The alarm slowly increases in volume and frequency.

You can listen to the alarm tone of many alarm clocks on the product detail pages. Sometimes, the volume of the alarm can be adjusted to different levels.

For people with hearing impairments or very deep sleepers, there are particularly loud alarm tones or alarm clocks that vibrate.

Vibration alarm clocks were originally developed to help people with hearing loss. But even those who don’t wake up or wake up poorly with normal alarm sounds benefit from these models with a vibrating alarm signal.

Alarm time

Some alarm clocks offer you the option of setting multiple alarm times. Ideal for couples who get up at different times or for the weekend.

Snooze – snooze function

If you don’t want to get up right away, you can use the snooze function to wake yourself up again a few minutes later. With some models, the duration of the alarm interruption can be set individually.

Talking alarm clock

Talking alarm clocks are suitable for people with visual impairments. The alarm clock announces the time and room temperature to you clearly and loudly as soon as you press the alarm button.

Charging function for mobile devices

A special highlight of some types of alarm clock is the integrated charging function for devices with a USB connection or the possibility to charge your smartphone wirelessly via induction.

Alarm clocks with coloured luminous digits

These alarm clock models are real eye-catchers as stylish decorations for living rooms and bedrooms and are particularly easy to read. Large digital LED luminous numerals in different colours display the time or date.

Alarm clocks with weather conditions & additional functions

Some alarm clocks have a display of weather conditions in their range of functions. Many weather stations also have an alarm function.

Our tip: It can also be useful to integrate a temperature measurement into the alarm clock, for example, to always have the room temperature in view.


Whether analogue or digital, as a radio alarm clock or with daylight function, beautifully designed alarm clocks can do more than just fulfil their alarm function. With pretty table clocks, you can decorate your bedroom and simply wake up more beautifully.

In the course of the last century, the alarm clock has been adapted to prevailing tastes. But retro clocks with double bells are also very popular.

Practical tips for alarm clocks

In our extensive range, you are sure to find the alarm clock that suits your needs perfectly.

What is the best alarm clock?

The smartphone has become a valuable companion in many areas of life and is often used to wake you up in the morning. But the trend is moving towards conventional alarm clocks.

But which alarm clock is the best? The most important thing is the alarm function so that you get out of bed on time. Here are the most important buying criteria to consider:

  • Alarm signal: alarm tones, light, vibration, snooze button, alarm time
  • Display: analogue or digital alarm clock
  • Power supply: battery or power adapter
  • Variety of functions: children’s alarm clocks, travel alarm clocks, radio-controlled alarm clocks, light alarm clocks, etc.

Where can I buy an alarm clock from TFA?

If you would like to buy a specific TFA alarm clock, then take a look at our online retailers.

For many TFA products, you can directly select a shop that carries the product you are looking for by clicking on the “buy now” button on the product page. You will then be taken immediately to the corresponding product page of the online retailer and can order there if the product is available.

Shopping advice at TFA Dostmann

You would like to buy an alarm clock from TFA, but need assistance? Feel free to contact our Service & Support at any time. We are here to help you with your purchase and can quickly clarify any questions you may have.