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Electronic alarm clock LOOM 60.1031


  • Dimmable automatic nightlight
  • Full-surface illumination of the dial
  • Alarm with snooze function
  • Easy-to-use rotary knobs
  • Rubber-coated base

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Product specification

The classic and simple LOOM alarm clock, developed exclusively for TFA Dostmann by Mosru Mohiuddin, is surprisingly stylish with its coloured accents and well thought-out details.
The alarm clock is equipped with a few handy controls and is extremely easy to use. Set the time and the alarm time comfortably with the two rotary controls. The easily accessible button on the top serves both to activate the wake-up alarm, and when a red area appears, its trigger the snooze function if you don't want to get up straight away. In addition, by pressing this button the round dial gets evenly and fully illuminated and makes it very easy to read, even in the dark. After 5 seconds, the light gently fades out again.
If you want to see the time all night long, you can also select the subtle and economical nightlight that automatically switches on and off via the integrated light sensor.
To wake up comfortably, the alarm starts quietly and then it gets louder and louder.
The transparent coating on the front creates a fine gloss effect. The rubber-coated base ensures a secure stand on your bedside table.


  • With analogue Display
  • Alarm with snooze function
  • Automatic backlight with light sensor
  • Rubber-coated base

TFA Quality mark:

  • Registered TFA Design Patent
  • Promotional products

Product information for download:

Technical data

Delivery contents Alarm clock, instruction manual
Clock Quartz clock
Material Plastic
Assembling Freestanding
Power consumption Battery
Batteries 2 x AAA 1.5 V
Batteries included no
Dimensions (L) 81 x (B) 42 x (H) 83 mm
Weight 120 g

Sound exampel

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