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With one glance at the display of a WETTERdirekt satellite-based wireless weather station, you are immediately comprehensively and clearly informed. Several times a day, a professional weather forecast is sent out via satellite and a special wireless network exclusively available in Germany.

The WETTERdirekt devices receive an exact forecast for the individual region in Germany. Further information, such as the expected maximum and minimum values, rain probability, or sunshine hours vary depending on the model.

The local outdoor values are determined by a radio transmitter, the indoor temperature by the integrated thermometer, and the climate in the living rooms by internal sensors. Time and date are also updated via WiFi. With WETTERdirekt you get a weather forecast from meteorologists directly to your home and without subscription costs. Learn more about weather forecasting with WETTERdirekt in our detailed WETTERdirekt guide.

WETTERdirekt revolutionizes the weather forecast

What will the weather be like in the next few days? There are several ways to find out: depending on your technical equipment and time, you can tap on the barometer and watch the air pressure display, wait for the weather report on the radio, or call up the weather forecast on one of the numerous weather portals on the Internet. A quick and easy solution are measuring devices with the WETTERdirekt technology.

More than 10 years ago, TFA Dostmann developed the technology with the aim to realize weather stations with an accurate weather forecast for the home. WETTERdirekt is the solution for everyone who is looking for a location-accurate and internet-independent weather forecast.

How does WETTERdirekt work?

The technology used is fundamentally different from conventional wireless weather stations. The forecast is not calculated by the measuring station itself, but by meteorologists of the weather portal

All weather-determining contexts and a variety of other weather information are incorporated into the weather forecasts. The weather forecast data, together with the time of day, are transmitted to the WETTERdirekt weather station several times a day by satellite via a nationwide wireless network, similar to mobile phone networks.

WETTERdirekt weather stations receive weather data several times a day via a wireless network that communicates in the 466 MHz frequency range. This network is exclusively available in Germany and has a high reception reliability. The network in the frequency of 466 MHz is also known as pager technology and is also used for alerting rescue services and aid organizations.

Anyone who owns a WETTERdirekt weather station can use the network free of charge for transmitting the weather forecast. Due to the local wireless network, the station can only be operated in Germany.

How can the weather forecast with WETTERdirekt be so accurate?

Weather stations all over the world, satellites and radars continuously record global weather data. Professional meteorologists use this data to calculate the different weather developments throughout Germany using state-of-the-art methods.

All weather-determining correlations and a multitude of other weather information are incorporated into the weather forecasts. The calculated forecasts are processed by, one of the leading Internet providers of weather information in Europe, and sent four times a day via satellite and a wireless network to the WETTERdirekt weather stations.

What does a WETTERdirekt system consist of?

The WETTERdirekt device consists of a receiver (base station) and a transmitter. The transmitter is battery operated and can therefore be set up independently of a power source.

The base station has an extensive display, partially illuminated and in color or with color selection. By default, 36 weather icons show a satellite-based professional forecast for the next 1 – 5 days, each divided into four daily sections. In addition, the expected maximum and minimum temperatures are indicated. Other current information varies depending on the model:

  • Indoor temperature and outdoor temperature (via transmitter)
  • Probability of rain
  • Storm warning
  • Sun hours
  • Moon data
  • Day length
  • Indoor climate
  • Travel weather for vacation destinations in Europe
  • Weather information as scrolling text

The WETTERdirekt base stations have integrated sensors for the room temperature and the associated outdoor transmitter measures how many degrees the outdoor temperature. Depending on the model, the humidity is also displayed. Thus, in addition to the professional weather forecast, you also receive information about your house, apartment and garden.

Which WETTERdirekt devices are available?

There are two different WETTERdirekt stations:

  • WETTERdirekt 300
  • WETTERdirekt 50

Professional weather report for 300 counties: WETTERdirekt 300

With the WETTERdirekt 300 stations, more than 300 counties and independent cities receive an accurate forecast. Due to the small weather areas, this information is particularly accurate and reliable.

WETTERdirekt 300 with severe weather warnings

Before the storm hits you, you will be warned by a WETTERdirekt weather station with the additional feature of severe weather warning. As soon as a severe weather warning is issued for your county, you will know about it a short time later and can take the necessary precautions in time.

The strength of the impending severe weather is also clearly visible: colored signal lights draw attention to the intensity. You can additionally activate a signal tone that acoustically informs you of an approaching storm. It has never been so easy to receive severe weather warnings for your home in time and without additional costs.

WETTERdirekt 300 with travel weather info

In summer and winter, we like to go far away. Be it for a beach vacation to the Mediterranean, a city trip to a European metropolis or skiing in the Alps.

With the WETTERdirekt weather station EOS MAX you will be informed about the local weather for the next 6 days. In addition, you can find out the weather forecast for over 150 vacation destinations. So you already know at home how the weather is expected to be when you arrive.

Weather forecast for 50 regions with WETTERdirekt 50

The WETTERdirekt 50 stations show 50 weather regions in Germany, each with its own forecast. Depending on the station, you receive a forecast for up to 5 days.

Weather symbols illustrate the forecast weather on the high-contrast displays. From square to tower shape, the stations fit any interior style. If you like color, a device with a color display is the right choice.

WETTERdirekt: Difference to conventional stations

Measuring stations without WETTERdirekt technology show as a forecast a tendency based purely on changes in air pressure. However, these fluctuations are only one indicator of the weather development. Other factors such as air currents or worldwide high and low-pressure areas cannot be included in the forecast. Based on the basic symbols “sun”, “clouds”, or “raindrops” on the device, you can deduce whether the weather is more likely to improve or worsen. The forecast period is 6 to 36 hours, depending on the weather situation.

Weather stations with WETTERdirekt technology are devices with an accurate weather forecast because in their forecast other weather data such as air currents or global weather conditions are included in the forecast. The weather forecast of the WETTERdirekt stations is calculated by meteorologists of from worldwide weather data. The weather forecast is presented with detailed weather symbols over a longer forecast period. An interpretation with regard to the weather trend is omitted here.