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Are you looking for an instruction manual for your TFA product?

Here you will find the instruction manuals for current and discontinued products from TFA Dostmann.

To search for a manual, please enter the product name or article number (e.g., “TEMPESTA” or “35.5050”) in the search box. Click on the link and the document will open in a new window – so you can save or print the manual.

All instruction manuals of the current TFA product range can also be found on the respective product page.

Where can I find the article number?

Typically, the article number (starting with Kat.Nr.) is found on the back of the product. See photo

How to regenerate and adjust an analogue hygrometer? 

You can download a detailed manual as a PDF here.

How to adjust an analogue barometer?

For more information see our guide for analogue weather stations here.