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A garden thermometer tells you the current temperature in your garden. This decorative thermometer can be placed anywhere in your garden thanks to its ease of use and installation.

A garden thermometer not only decorates your garden, but also makes you aware of the current outdoor temperature at any time. Want to learn more about it in our guide to garden thermometers?

Buying a garden thermometer

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Using the “buy now” button on the product page, you can directly select a shop for many TFA products. You will then be taken to the corresponding product page of the online retailer and can order there if the desired product is available.

Garden Thermometer Guide

Measuring the temperature in your garden is important for many reasons. For example, it plays a role for plants as well as for a comfortable swimming day in your own pool. The right garden thermometer is therefore a useful and decorative purchase for your own garden.

Our guide to garden thermometers shows you the different models available and what to consider when buying.

There are basically two different types of garden thermometer:

  • Digital garden thermometers
  • Analogue garden thermometers

Garden thermometer with digital display

Digital, puristic and simple garden thermometers stand for modern technology in a timeless design. Garden thermometers with a digital display have more functions than simple thermometers.

Depending on the model, you not only get the current temperature, but also the daily maximum and minimum values or the time. On the clear digital display with large digits, you can easily read all the information even from a greater distance.

A display light enables excellent readability at dusk and at night. In addition, you still get discreet garden lighting.

Garden thermometer with analogue display

Analogue models are usually very beautifully designed and have a variety of functions:

  • Garden thermometers with solar cells provide beautiful and discreet garden lighting.
  • Large analogue models make it easier to read the temperature from a greater distance.
  • With the flower pot thermometer, you can decorate your potted plants and be warned in good time of frost or heat.

Also, analogue garden thermometers include models that display not just the temperature scale. For example, you can read the time or wind direction.

Tips for setting up garden thermometers

Garden thermometers with wall mounting can be attached to your house wall, garden shed or garage. Most models have a ground spike that allows you to simply stick the thermometer into the ground at the desired location.

Note that you can easily read the scale or display from there, ideally through a window from your living room. Since the device is exposed to the elements, it is important to use sturdy and weather-resistant materials.

By placing it freely in the garden, the temperature reading will not be distorted by heat radiation from buildings. The thermometer should not be placed directly in the sun.

What can garden thermometers be used for?

Garden thermometers are a practical, but also very nice purchase for your own garden.

For keen gardeners, a garden thermometer provides basic information. It helps to pay attention to an optimal climatic environment for flowers, fruit trees, vegetable plants, green plants and herbs. Temperature has a great influence on growth and vitality.

But measuring the outdoor temperature is also important for pool owners. For example, the air temperature determines:

  • The water temperature and thus the use of the pool heating system
  • The evaporation of the pool water
  • The correct use of pool care products

For unadulterated swimming fun, it is important to look at the outside temperature. Especially when splashing around with small children, the difference between the water temperature and the outside temperature should not be too great. And you should definitely avoid the greatest midday heat.