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Digital garden thermometer with solar powered display lighting and radio-controlled clock AVENUE PLUS 30.2030


  • Large display with 3 different modes
  • Highest and lowest temperatures and radio-controlled time
  • With solar powered display light. light sensor and time switch
  • Aluminium rod to insert into the ground
  • Weatherproof

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Product specification

A few hours of sunlight a day are enough to make the digital garden thermometer AVENUE light at night. This is because this environmental-friendly instrument has solar cells which collects the energy during the day for illuminating the display at night. The temperature and time can be read from a distance. The clear illuminated digital display with large numbers allows for excellent readability at dusk and at night. Additionally, you also get subtle garden lighting. The modern, purist-simple garden thermometer stands for state-of-the-art technology in a timeless design.
At dusk and dawn, the built-in light sensor switches the lighting on or off, depending on the outside brightness. Alternativelly, you can activate the automatic timer, then the light stays off between 11pm and 5am to save battery.
The display has three different modes options: the current temperature alone, the current temperature alternating with the time, or current temperature, daily maximum and minimum value and time in alternation.
The separable rod is made of aluminum and is simply inserted into the ground to set it up.
Placement the thermometer in the middle of the garden, and at a height of 1 meter, has the advantage that the temperature values are not distorted by a house wall and the actual outside temperature is measured.
The high-quality plastic ensures winter and all other types of weather resistance.
The AA 1.5V battery for the operation and the display is included.


  • Garden thermometer with radio-controlled clock
  • With solar-powered display light, light sensor and time switch
  • Large digital display with 3 different modes: 1. current temperature, 2. current temperature and clock in sequence, 3. current, highest and lowest temperatures and time in sequence
  • Auto reset of maximum and minimum values
  • Rod (separable) made of in aluminium
  • Weatherproof
  • Registered TFA design

Product information for download:

Technical data

Delivery contents Garden thermometer, batteries, instruction manual
Measuring range temperature -25…+70°C (-13…+158 °F)
Clock Radio-controlled clock
Time zone correction +1/-1h
Material Plastic, aluminium
Power consumption Rechargeable battery (solar-powered), battery
Batteries 1 x AA 1.5 V
Batteries included yes
Dimensions (L) 175 x (B) 38 x (H) 1145 mm
Weight 592 g

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