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Our team of experts will be happy to assist you with any queries you may have regarding any of our products.

Here’s how to get in touch with our customer service team.

Do you have any questions regarding specific products?
You will find an answer to many commonly asked questions in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.

Instruction Manuals


Warranty via your retailer
Should a defect occur in your TFA device, you can make use of your statutory warranty rights. In this case, please contact the retailer from whom you purchased the device. Online retailers are also obliged to provide a repair or replacement within the statutory warranty period. This applies throughout the EU for 24 months.

Repairs and spare parts
You can send your device to us for repair (for a fee) via your specialist shop. Under your statutory warranty, your retailer will usually assume the costs for the repair. Please consult your retailer about the process, the amount of the costs as well as the assumption of costs.

How long is the statutory warranty?

Please contact your retailer (where you purchased your device) first in the event of a statutory warranty (24 months from the purchase date). If the purchase date is less than 12 months ago, you can also directly contact our customer service team in the event of a defect and send the device after consulting us.

In this case, please send us your TFA device via your specialist shop and we will examine it based on your description of the fault. Depending on the defect, we will offer to repair the device (remedial action) or replace it (replacement delivery).

Which devices can be repaired?

As a matter of principle, for reasons of sustainability, a professional repair and the use of spare parts is always our first choice. For analogue devices that we manufacture at our factory in Reicholzheim, a repair and replacement of defective parts is often feasible.

Please note that there are limited options for a repair and the availability of spare parts for imported electronic devices. For this reason, replacing the device or the transmitter (in the case of radio stations) is often preferable.

We assess which approach is most appropriate for your device in terms of cost effectiveness and functionality. Often, we can also help you as a goodwill gesture.

I bought a TFA device on Amazon or another online marketplace, who can help me?

As a manufacturer, we can offer you support when it comes to operating or troubleshooting your TFA device.

Unfortunately, we are unable to resolve issues related to the purchase of your device. In this case, please contact the retailer or try to obtain more information through the customer service team of your online retailer. To use the statutory warranty, please also contact the retailer from whom you purchased the device.

Contact the TFA customer service team directly

If you have a technical problem with a TFA product or need a spare part, we will be happy to help you:


Lena Schumacher

Lena Schumacher

Daniel Seifert

Daniel Seifert

Isolde Thoma

Isolde Thoma

We will deal with your enquiry as quickly as possible and give you effective advice. You are welcome to contact us directly via our service hotline or via the service request form.

Please note that we usually respond to email enquiries within 2 business days. Our office is not staffed on weekends and statutory holidays in Baden-Württemberg.

Our business hours are:
Monday to Friday: 8 am – 12 pm
Monday to Thursday: 12:45 pm – 4:15 pm

Send in your device for repair or inspection

If, after consulting your retailer or our customer service team, you would like to send in your device for repair, maintenance or inspection, please proceed as follows:

Please send

  • the device
  • with a copy of the proof of purchase
  • and a brief description of the fault
  • with sufficient postage
  • directly to the address below:

TFA Dostmann GmbH & Co. KG
Reparatur & Service
Zum Ottersberg 12
97877 Wertheim

Please note: The shipping costs and the responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged packages occurring during shipment shall not be borne by TFA Dostmann. We will, however, return the inspected, repaired or replaced device to you at our own expense.

First Aid for your TFA product

Please follow the operating instructions carefully when setting up your TFA device. Make sure that all devices are fitted with the correct and sufficiently charged batteries. For radio-controlled products, please do not use rechargeable batteries. These generally have a lower voltage than regular 1.5V batteries (recommended type: alkaline). Due to the lower voltage (usually only 1.2V for rechargeable batteries), only limited radio performance is possible.

If you still have any questions or faults, you will find initial tips under “Troubleshooting” in the instruction manuals. For answers to frequently asked questions about our products, see our FAQs. If this is unsuccessful, please contact us.

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