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Boosting your circulation, getting your immune system going and reducing stress levels at the same time – a sauna is not just good for our body and health, but also promotes our well-being. The high temperatures act like a workout for our cardiovascular system and also strengthen our defences: This makes using reliable measuring devices all the more important to ensure the right conditions when taking a sauna.

You’ll really work up a sweat! The interplay of temperature and humidity in the sauna cabin ensures relaxation – but only if they are carefully measured and their intensity is adjusted using reliable devices for the perfect feel-good atmosphere. With the right accessories, the sauna cabin becomes a healthy oasis.

You can find out which measuring devices you need in your sauna – and why – in our sauna measuring device guide. You can also find out what you should look out for when buying equipment and get practical tips for a relaxing and healthy sauna.

Buying sauna measuring devices

Would you like to equip your wellness area with sauna measuring devices from TFA? You can find out where to buy one at our online retailer.

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Sauna measuring device guide

In this guide, we offer you comprehensive purchasing advice on sauna measuring devices so that you can always ensure perfect feel-good conditions when taking a sauna. Before that, however, the question arises: Why buy measuring devices for your sauna cabin at all?

Our recommendation: If you keep an eye on the temperature and humidity, you will reap the best possible benefits for your mind and body when taking a sauna.

A visit to the sauna is like training for your cardiovascular system. This is why it strengthens your circulation and immune system in the long term. At the same time, your skin is cleansed in the sweat bath and your body gets rid of toxins. However, care must be taken to maintain the right levels so as not to overstrain your body – especially for those inexperienced with saunas.

Which measured values need to be taken into account in the sauna area?

In order to create the ideal conditions for your mind and body when taking a sauna in the Finnish style, there are three key parameters to consider: Temperature, humidity and duration of your visit.

Heat and humidity levels, for example, depend on your personal sauna favourite: While traditional Finnish saunas have hot and dry conditions, the humidity in steam saunas can be significantly higher.

How long you spend in the sauna house before cooling down depends primarily on your level of experience – depending on whether you are more of an occasional sauna visitor or regularly use your own outdoor sauna in the garden.

As a general rule, well-being and individual comfort come first – listen to your body!

Sauna accessories for a relaxed sauna experience

To monitor the heat in your sauna barrel, a thermometer is essential. You can also keep an eye on the humidity with a thermo-hygrometer. And with a visually appealing hourglass, you can keep an eye on the time while enjoying your sauna.

Plus point: All sauna measuring devices from TFA are manufactured entirely in Germany.

The right heat level for working up a sweat

Is there a perfect sauna temperature? The answer is a clear yes and no: For beginners, a cautious approach of 60 to 70 degrees is advisable, while temperatures of around 90 degrees are recommended for regular visits. In Finland, the home of the popular sweating tradition, saunas are sometimes held at up to 120 degrees.

Regardless of objective figures, subjective feelings should always come first. Nevertheless, a precise sauna thermometer, including a marked comfort zone, helps to keep the heat within a comfortable range.

Not too humid and not too dry

With or without an infusion: Humidity is also important when taking a sauna. In a conventional dry sauna, this is around 15 per cent; in a steam bath, it can be significantly higher. An accurate sauna hygrometer is the right tool for this.

All measured values at a glance

The perfect sauna visit depends on the interplay of heat and humidity – so, a practical combination device that allows you to keep an eye on both values is ideal. Choose between compact measuring aids with a display for both parameters or keep an overview with separate displays for temperature and humidity.

With a pleasant appearance and solid wood frame, the measuring devices from TFA are also an eye-catcher on your sauna wall – or you can opt for a timelessly simple design with a metal frame.

Is it time to cool down yet?

Whether it’s a sauna barrel, garden sauna or modern infrared sauna, taking a sauna is not just an interplay between temperature and humidity, but also between heat and cooling down. The maximum recommended length of stay in a cabin is 15 minutes – after which your body should recover in a cooler environment.

With a sauna sand timer, you can see at a glance how much sweating time you have left – what’s more, the high-quality solid wood back makes these heat-resistant devices an attractive accessory for your sauna cabin.