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Timers are specialized types of mechanical or electronic timepieces used for measuring specific time intervals. They help to adhere to certain time intervals without having to keep an eye on the clock. Timers are practical everyday helpers that can be used in the kitchen, for sports and leisure, as well as for use in the classroom and home learning and at work.

Do you want to bake a cake or boil eggs? Do you want to glue professionally and adhere to specified drying times? Or do you want to train for a specific time? No matter for what purpose – with a timer you can make your life much easier.

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We have compiled a lot of information on timers for you and show you simple ways how you can integrate the use of timers into your everyday life. You can find out how to finding the right timer and much more in our detailed guide.

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Whether it’s for use in the classroom and home learning, housework, playtime or computer time, a timer will help you to better manage your time and stick to time intervals.

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Finding the Right Timer

Timers are helpful in many areas. They can be used not only in the kitchen, but also for sports, leisure time, for use in the classroom and home learning, as well as at work. Timers have different functions. You are sure to find the right model in the TFA Dostmann’s diverse range.

Kitchen Timer

Kitchen timers are practical helpers in the kitchen. These timers are mainly used for cooking or baking. To do this, simply set the kitchen timer to the desired time interval.

Whether it is for baking your favourite cake or cooking the breakfast egg, in order to achieve perfect results in the kitchen one measurement is decisive: time. It is not for nothing that kitchen timers are often called “egg timers”, because timing is crucial in the preparation of this breakfast classic.

Analogue mechanical egg timers do not need batteries and are wound up by hand. Countdown timers measure time intervals from a few minutes to an hour. After the time has elapsed, an alarm signal sounds.

Tip: Use visual countdown timers for your time management. Leave the device running while you work on a task. As the timer displays the countdown visually, you can always see how long you have got left until the time is up..

Egg timers

Cube Timer

A particularly original and convenient time helper is the Cube Timer. Cube timers are available for a wide variety of uses, depending on the pre-programmed expiry times printed on the sides of the cube.

In the kitchen, the cube timer helps with baking or cooking. These kitchen timers are also ideal for making tea. Tea lovers know that their favourite drink is only perfect when the appropriate brewing time is observed and not exceeded.

Our cube timers are also the perfect time helpers for sports, leisure, work and in the classroom and home learning. Do you follow a specific time for circuit training, for brushing your teeth, for computer time or for a board game? Start the timer by simply turning the side with the desired minutes or seconds upwards. The timer starts immediately. The integrated countdown display shows the remaining time.

CUBE Timer

Digital timer

The traditional digital timer has an LCD display with minute and second. The to-the-second and flexible time settings at the touch of a button makes it possible to precisely measure short periods of seconds and longer intervals. Depending on the model, time intervals of several hours can be set. Thanks to the useful memory function, which is often one of the features on the device, you do not have to enter again time intervals that have been used before.

A digital timer is particularly useful in the household for cooking, frying and baking, for monitoring drying or soaking times and for adhering to timings.

Tip: Our hand washing and tooth brushing timer motivates proper hand hygiene and supports tooth brushing.

The timer can also be used in a variety of ways during sports. For example, it helps to measure the minutes of the load phase and relaxation time during high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Most digital timers can also serve as a stopwatch. However, to measure fractions of a second, you should use a traditional stopwatch.

Digital Timers

Multifunctional timers

Many digital timers are not only the perfect companion in everyday life but are also suitable for professional applications such as in the laboratory, doctor’s practice, hairdresser’s or beauty salon. Some timers are equipped with a double display or triple display and can monitor several measurements at the same time.

To keep an eye on the current time, you can get a timer with a clock. For special requirements, e.g. Special Needs, you will find timers at TFA Dostmann that additionally or exclusively alert optically with an LED light after the time has expired. Finally, there are short timers where you can also select a vibration alarm.

With an alarm clockthat has an integrated timer and stopwatch, you can also keep track of the times. These alarm clocks count down the set seconds, minutes or hours with the help of the countdown function and stop the time to the second. In the alarm clock range, you can also choose from models with a nap timer. With this timer, you can schedule a quick break.

Hourglasses are ideal use in the classroom and home learning, nursery or crèche: with this timer, you can explain the abstract topic of time in a vivid way. The seconds and minutes are given a visual cue that children can relate to. Hourglasses are also traditionally used to brush the teeth and make beautiful decorative objects.