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Wall clocks are an essential part of most homes. As decorative and functional wall elements, wall clocks help you keep track of the time.

Read our wall clock guide. to find the right clock for your wall. Here you can also find out which model suits your room and style and which types of wall clocks you can choose from.

Buying wall clocks

From modern wall clocks to classic clocks to retro or vintage looks or clocks in XXL format – you are sure to find what you are looking for at TFA. We offer clocks in many different designs and with different functions. Would you like to buy a wall clock? We will tell you where you can buy your new home accessory. We will be happy to advise you individually, either by phone or by e-mail. In addition, the “buy now” button on the product page enables you to select your preferred online retailer.

Below is an overview of all clocks sorted by category. In addition to wall clocks, you will find other clock models such as table clocks and projection clocks from TFA Dostmann:

Projection clocks

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Bathroom clocks

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Wall clock guide

To make your new wall clock a real asset to your home, it is important to find just the right clock for you. To do this, the following questions are crucial:

  • Which display do you prefer?
  • Should the time be set by radio or manually?
  • In which room should the clock hang?
  • Which style of furnishing should it match?
  • Where should the clock be placed?

Wall clocks: Analogue or digital display

When it comes to wall clocks, you should first decide which type of time display you want. There are basically two groups:

  • Digital wall clocks
  • Analogue wall clocks

What are digital wall clocks?

Digital clocks show the time digitally on a display. This means that the time can be read very easily and is usually also shown in 24-hour format.

Often, such clocks can do even more: for example, they also show the date, the day of the week, the temperature or the humidity.

What is an analogue wall clock?

Analogue wall clocks show the time by means of hour and minute hands on a dial. Some clocks also have a second hand. There are analogue models with or without numbers and markings.

Wall clocks with or without radio controlled clock

If you want your clock to set itself automatically and run accurately to the second, a radio-controlled clock is the right choice for you. It receives a time signal based on an atomic clock at least once a day and automatically sets itself to the correct time.

The change from winter to summer time is also automatic. Due to the additional radio technology, a radio-controlled clock costs a little more than a pure quartz clock.

Finding the right wall clock for your rooms

Next, consider the room in which you want to hang your new wall clock. How will the room be used? What does the rest of the furnishings look like? What requirements should the clock meet in this room?

Wall clocks for your kitchen

Many people prefer an easy-to-read and accurate wall clock in the kitchen. When it comes to keeping track of time while cooking and baking, digital timepieces with large, clear LCD displays are well suited here.

Küchenuhren mit Ziffernblatt.

Modern Kitchen Clock with Dial with Hands

But wall clocks with a classic dial with hands are also very popular in the kitchen, as they radiate cosiness and emphasise the homely character.

For the living room: wall clocks with style

In the living room, the design and materials of the wall clock play a decisive role. Representative and high-quality models are very suitable here.

Wohnzimmer Wanduhren

Modern wall clocks for the living room

Depending on personal preferences, these are in classic or modern design.

Wall clocks for your children’s room

For the little ones, child-friendly clocks in cheerful bright colours are suitable and ensure a good mood. Children’s clocks with beautiful print motifs are lovingly and elaborately designed.

Kinderwanduhr im Kinderzimmer.

Children’s wall clock in cheerful bright colours

A learning clock that the child can set in a playful way increases the motivation to quickly learn to read the time.

For the bathroom: practical clocks

You can enrich your bathroom or your private wellness oasis with wall and table clocks made of robust plastic or high-quality stainless steel..

Uhren für das Badezimmer.

Practical and high-quality clocks for your bathroom

It is often damp in the bathroom. Therefore, make sure that it is splash-proof. Suction cups make it easier to attach the clock to tiles and mirror surfaces.

Wall clocks for the bedroom and office

For the office, we recommend a clear and easy-to-read wall clock. For workrooms where quiet and concentration are important or rooms where people sleep, such as guest rooms or bedrooms, you should choose a model without ticking noises.

Wall clocks with sweep movements have a “creeping” second hand and run almost silently. For rooms where you want it to be quiet, therefore, look for the crossed-out “tick-tock” symbol on the product detail pages.

Which wall clock suits your style?

In addition to the functional properties of a wall clock, your personal taste is a decisive factor in choosing the right clock. Wall clocks are more than just time tellers – they are also decorative items and emphasise your own style of living.

Classic wall clocks

Classic designs and vintage styles are predominantly found in analogue wall clocks. Classic wall clocks can often be integrated more discreetly into the room.

Those who like it classic will also be delighted with traditional pendulum clocks. In purely mechanical models, the free-swinging pendulum keeps the clock mechanism in motion. These wall clocks impress with their high-quality and stylish appearance.

Wall clocks in modern style

Modern furnishings are characterised by clean lines and cool colours. Wall clocks that are modern and clearly designed attract attention with their minimalist design. The trendy wall clocks impress with cool-looking materials such as glass, stainless steel, chrome or aluminium.

Wanduhren in XXL-Größe.

Modern wall clocks in XXL

XXL clocks, wall clocks with print motifs and clocks without numbers also look modern. Digital clocks also appear very modern. But a purposefully placed contrast can also give your home an individual touch. For example, place a traditional wall clock in a modern setting.

Wall clocks as real “eye-catchers”

WWall clocks can blend in well with the overall picture or stand out as a highlight. Such eye-catchers can set beautiful, creative colour accents or provide an eye-catcher in your home in unusual shapes.

Designer wall clocks have that special something and are characterised by unusual shapes and an exclusive design. They are ideal for anyone who wants a clock that is unique and original.

Decorative clocks – not only for the wall

In addition to wall clocks, you will find other clock models at TFA Dostmann:

Table clocks

Table clocks are decorative clocks for the sideboard or the mantelpiece. Some wall clocks can – in addition to being mounted on the wall – also be set up as table clocks.

Tischuhren für das Sideboard.

Decorative table clock for the sideboard

Projection clocks

A projection clock is primarily a normal table clock. A projector additionally displays the time in analogue or large digits on the wall or ceiling.

The data can be easily read from any position in the room, even when lying down. This is why these clocks are particularly popular in the bedroom in combination with an alarm function as an
alarm clock.