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Light alarm clock with colour changing mood light and room climate SOLUNA 60.2026


  • Mood light with colour change
  • Gentle waking up with gradual brightening light and / or gentle
  • 5 different light modes and 20 unique colour options
  • Indoor temperature and humidity
  • Charging function for mobile devices via USB port (1A)

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Product specification

The light alarm clock SOLUNA get its name from a combination of the Latin words for sun (sol) and moon (luna).
Our body needs the natural light-dark changes as a time reference for the internal clock. With a simulated sunset, you can end the day comfortably and find it easier to sleep in the evening. In the morning, the gradually brightening light wakes you up like the sunrise. The brighter it is when you get up, the easier it will be for you to wake from sleep.
This supports your natural day-night rhythm and gives you good start of the day. You also have the option to combine the light alarm clock with a slowly increasing alarm melody. And if you don't want to get up straight away, you can wake up again a few minutes later using the snooze function. The duration of the alarm interruption can be set individually.

SOLUNA has other light functions that you can use in everyday life: Let yourself be guided through a 10-minute breathing exercise in breathing mode. When combined with selectable lighting effects (energy, warmth, rest), you can quickly and easily relax. Create a pleasant atmosphere in the living room or bedroom with the mood light. Choose your favourite colour directly from 14 different available shades or select the automatic colour change program with smooth transitions. The light colour can also change depending on the comfort level of the room climate. This way you can immediately see whether you have the ideal room climate in the bedroom. The green light indicates that the conditions are ideal: the temperature is between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius and the air humidity between 50 and 70 percent. The light is dimmable in five levels and it is also suitable as a night light.

The colour display informs you of the time and date; the day of the week appears in full (in four languages). In addition, the current room temperature and humidity at the installation site are also displayed. The display can be adjusted in four brightness levels, an automatic dimming function activated or switched off completely, so that you are not disturbed in your sleep at night. Soluna has also a special feature: a built-in charging function for devices with a USB connection, so you can charge your smartphone overnight.


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  • Mood light with 5 light modes (sunset, breathing mode, colour change according to the comfort level of indoor climate, direct colour selection, automatic colour change) with 20 unique colour options
  • 5 brightness levels
  • Gentle waking up with gradual brightening light and / or gentle increasing sound alarm
  • Snooze function with adjustable interval
  • Colour display with 4 brightness levels and automatic dimmer function
  • Indication of time, date and weekday written in full letters (German, English, Spanisch, French)
  • Indoor temperature and humidity
  • Charging function for mobile devices via USB port

TFA Quality mark:

  • Registered TFA Design Patent
  • USB Charger

Technical data

Delivery contents Alarm clock, power adapter, instruction manual
Measuring range temperature 0 ... +37°C (+32 ... +99 °F)
Measuring range humidity 10... 99 %
Clock Quartz clock
Material Plastic
Assembling Freestanding
Power consumption Power adaptor (Eu plug)
Dimensions (L) 170 x (B) 68 x (H) 175 mm
Weight 314 g

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