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When questions arise in the use of the VIEW system, you will get quick help with the answers to frequently asked questions about the VIEW stations.

VIEW station: Frequently Asked Questions

Please check if your router’s WiFi signal only works in the 5 GHz range. The VIEW stations work exclusively over 2.4GHz. Accordingly, either the 2.4 GHz frequency or a dual-band transmission must be used on the router.

The VIEW station should already be active in operation. Then open the VIEW app on your smartphone/tablet making sure this smartphone/tablet is already connected to the network you would like to integrate the VIEW station to.

Now open the menu in the app and select the device management (“Device”). There you will find a large button with a “+” sign. From here on, the app will carry out the setup together with you.

You can also make adjustments later in the device management (such as changing names or sorting).

Please check whether the WiFi symbol next to the time display is permanently active on your station. If the symbol is not displayed or flashes, please re-establish the WiFi connection via the app and select “Connect WiFi”. Please ensured that the WiFi network that you are connected to is also connected to the Internet.

A VIEW station that is actively connected to the Internet via WiFi can receive additional sensors (up to 50) and use them via the app. With the two stations cat. No. 35.8002.01 and 35.8001.01, up to 4 additional transmitters can be shown directly on the display on the base unit using the “extra sensor” function.

VIEW stations: More questions?

If we could not answer your question here, our Service & Support will be happy to help you.