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When questions arise in the use of the VIEW system, you will get quick help with the answers to frequently asked questions about the VIEW Wi-Fi weather stations.

VIEW station: Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this is not a problem at all. However, many of the functions (which require a WiFi connection) cannot be used. You will always find a corresponding function overview in the quick start guide or the complete user manual of the respective VIEW station.

This depends on the particular model. The “VIEW SHOW” model cannot provide a weather forecast without a WiFi connection. The “VIEW METEO” and “VIEW BREEZE” models can provide a weather forecast even without a WiFi connection. The weather icon then only works with the current air pressure trend (which the base unit determines itself). The forecast by means of air pressure trend is less extensive and reliable than that which can be received by means of professional forecast via the Internet.

The VIEW station should already be active in operation. Then open the VIEW app on your smartphone/tablet making sure this smartphone/tablet is already connected to the network you would like to integrate the VIEW station to.

Now open the menu in the app and select the device management (“Devices”). There you will find a large button with a “+” sign. From here on, the app will carry out the setup together with you.

You can also make adjustments later in the device management (such as changing names or sorting).

Please check if your router’s WiFi signal only works in the 5 GHz range. The VIEW stations work exclusively over 2.4GHz. Generally, a VIEW station can also be integrated if a DualBand mode (2.4 & 5 GHz simultaneously) is used. If there are problems with the integration, it is recommended to set the router temporarily only to 2.4 GHz. This setting must be done within the router settings. If necessary, consult the manual or customer service of your router.

If you have already registered your VIEW Station in the app (name and location assigned), but the network connection could not be successfully performed, you can also establish the connection using an internet browser and a PC/laptop. Unfortunately, this procedure is often necessary, especially for Android 12 smartphones. Please follow these instructions SoftAP.

The weather data that the VIEW stations can receive via the Internet when WiFi is connected are obtained from the service provider “AccuWeather”.

Please check whether the WiFi symbol next to the time display is permanently active on your station. If the symbol is not displayed or flashes, please re-establish the WiFi connection via the app and select “Connect WiFi”. Please ensured that the WiFi network that you are connected to is also connected to the Internet.

VIEW products (base units or transmitters) must be added once via device management if they are to be displayed within the app and assigned to the user’s own account. The “Connect WiFi” option can only be used to transfer the current (possibly new) WiFi information to a base device.

“Add => Devices” = create device + transmit WiFi information
“Connect WiFi” = transmit WiFi information only

Yes. To do this, open the diagram view (using the blue arrow at the top right of the short diagram). There you will also find an icon with cloud and arrow on the top right. If you tap on this icon, you will get to the menu for the data export of the corresponding station.

A VIEW station that is actively connected to the Internet via WiFi can receive additional sensors (up to 50) and use them via the app. Directly on the base unit, you can either display only the included transmitters, or with the two stations “VIEW SHOW” & “VIEW BREEZE” via the “Extra Sensor” function up to 4 more stations on the display.

Yes. For individual transmitters, this is easily possible by having other users scan the ID code on the back of the transmitter.

For base devices, this is only possible via the invite/share function within the app. A VIEW base unit is always bound to one main user, who manages the settings and location. However, the current measured values can also be displayed to other users. To do this, the main user must open the device management within his app. There is an icon with several figures in the upper bar. Tap this icon and select which VIEW devices (both base devices and transmitters) you want to share with another user. Enter the email address of the VIEW account of the new user. An invitation will be sent to this account. The new user will be notified of the invitation in the notification area of their app and can include the suggested devices if they wish.

No. The VIEW system base units and transmitters cannot be combined with the WeatherHub system.

If a new station is not automatically detected and suggested by the app (in the notification area), you can also easily scan it via the “Devices” menu item in the device management and add it manually.

Yes, the pool transmitter (item number 30.3238.06) is compatible with the VIEW stations and can be integrated as an extra sensor or via the VIEW app. The code required for integration can be found on the Pool Transmitter (item number 30.3238.06) inside the battery compartment on the back of the pull-out battery drawer.

If you want to delete your VIEW App user account, proceed as follows:

Within the app, select the “add/change” – “devices” area. Remove all devices from your user account. The user account can only be deleted once all devices in the user account have been removed.

In the app, select the “Delete account” option in the “Settings” – “User account” area. A security question appears if the user really wants to delete the user account. If you confirm this, the user account will be completely deleted.

If you have difficulties deleting the account or if the app is no longer installed, please contact our customer service directly with a message. For security reasons, the deletion request must be sent from the same email address that is used for the user account.

VIEW stations: More questions?

If we could not answer your question here, our Customer Service will be happy to help you.