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The Advent season is a perfect occasion to thank customers, business partners and employees with personal Christmas gifts for their cooperation. As a token of your appreciation, give away high quality promotional items with customised printing or engraving from TFA Dostmann at Christmas.

Are you looking for an attractive promotional item or giveaway for Christmas? Have our high-quality promotional gifts branded with your logo or ensure that your advertising message reaches employees, customers and business partners with an appropriate motif.

Christmas is one of the most beautiful celebrations of the year. With a customised and personal Christmas gift, you can give a treat to long-standing customers, loyal employees and business partners. We have put together a selection of high-quality promotional items for you here that will guarantee you a high level of attention.

Sustainable promotional items with advertising

Energy-saving measures are not only good for the environment, but also significantly reduce electricity and heating costs. The motto is: the best energy is that which is not consumed in the first place. The energy-saving thermometer is a practical tool that not only helps with temperature recommendations, but also with concrete tips on correct heating and ventilation to achieve personal savings goals. When producing this measuring device, special attention was paid to conserving resources. The room thermometer is made of renewable beech wood and is produced entirely in our own factory in Wertheim.

The Energy-Saving Thermometer, with your logo printed above on the front of the thermometer, is a perfect promotional item to make your customers aware of energy-saving measures while presenting your brand as environmentally conscious and sustainable.

Werbemittel: Energiespar-Thermometer

Energy-saving thermometer: Make your customers aware of energy saving and demonstrate a sustainable brand

Another way to protect the environment and precious raw materials is to reuse batteries and rechargeable batteries sustainably. The BatteryCheck battery tester is a small, compact and robust battery testing device that can be used to check the charge status of batteries and rechargeable batteries quickly and easily. By displaying the charge status and the battery voltage in volts, you can quickly and easily decide whether the battery still has enough power or needs to be replaced. There is an ideal space for a printed logo right on the top next to the display – a sustainable promotional gift for your customers!

Werbemittel Batterietester mit Logo.

Battery tester: Sustainable promotional product with your logo.

A clock that can be hung or stand is an attractive advertising item. There is a place for it in every office, waiting room, production hall or home. Wall clocks are functional, but, at the same time, also an excellent decoration.

The unique design product CLOCK IN THE BOX is perfect as an advertising item with a printed logo. Created by designer Andreas Brückner, it combines timeless elegance and functionality. The impressive XL wall clock is not only space-saving, but also a statement in any room. With its silent sweep movement technology, it fits ideally in bedrooms and studies, but also in kitchens, living rooms and hallways. The versatile design is available in four different colours and can even be packaged as an original gift.

However, this product not only has aesthetic and functional merits, but also an inspiring backstory. Andreas Brückner, whose progressive MS disease caused him to adapt his way of working, created this design by using only his head control. As an additional sign of our commitment to social responsibility, we support MS research and funding by donating € 1 to the German Multiple Sclerosis Society in Baden-Württemberg for each copy sold.

Make this unique product your customised advertising item and present your brand in combination with an inspiring story and a high-quality design.

Ideales Werbemittel: Die Design-Wanduhr CLOCK IN THE BOX.

Design wall clock CLOCK IN THE BOX: Customised advertising item with an inspiring story and a high-quality design.

Besides the time, the TIMELINE digital radio clock with temperature shows the room temperature, the day of the week, the date and the calendar week. It can be hung or stand. This analogue radio-controlled wall clock with aluminium frame is a real eye-catcher and very popular. Your company logo or advertising message can be presented in a clearly visible way by being printed – an attention-grabbing advertising effect for your promotional gift. Also for your company?

Uhren mit Logo bedruckt sind tolle Werbemittel.

A functional but, at the same time, decorative advertising item: clocks with your logo.

Offer your customers, employees or business partners lighters with a certain WOW effect as a promotional gift: electronic arc lighters. The special feature of this novel lighter – it can be easily charged via USB and is, thereby, more environmentally friendly than a disposable or refillable lighter. An electronic lighter does not produce an open flame and, consequently, offers more safety and also works in stormy weather.

An arc lighter or electronic lighter can be given a high-quality finish for a promotional item with laser engraving. An engraved message on the promotional item is also impressive due to its durability. A custom engraved lighter is the answer if you are looking for a promotional gift with a classy appearance.

With the electronic arc lighter in a practical pocket size, you can light candles, gas cookers, barbecues and much more safely, reliably and in an environmentally-friendly way. The electronic arc lighter with flexible neck works with an electrically generated arc and is ideal for candles or fireplace lighters. It can be charged easily and economically via a micro-USB cable – on a notebook, on a PC, on a power bank – just like your smartphone.

Werbemittel: Elektronische Feuerzeuge mit Logo.

Electronic lighters with your logo are attractive promotional gifts.

Drinking straws as a sustainable promotional gift

Our glass straws offer you a particularly elegant appearance. Reusable glass drinking straws are the latest trend. We engrave your desired logo or message on the straws. The individually engraved straws are a sustainable promotional gift for your employees, customers or business partners. As a restaurant owner or caterer, you can do without plastic drinking straws and also have a contemporary promotional item with customised engraving.

The GlasWerk MEDIUM glass drinking straws have a perfect length for many hot and cold drinks. The standard size is suitable for many glass sizes. The glass straws look even classier with the promotional labelling.

Glasstrohhalme als Werbeartikel mit edler Gravur.

Personalised glass straws with engraving as a promotional item.

Weather measuring instruments as promotional items

With our weather measuring instruments, you can provide your customers, employees and business partners with a permanent overview of the current weather situation or the climate indoors. Printed with your logo or advertising message, you are giving away an attractive but also functional gift.

The LIFE wireless weather station shows you lots of useful information about your home and garden. Its clear display shows, among other things, the outdoor temperature determined by its radio transmitter and information about the indoor climate. A high-quality weather station with imprint is sure to go down well with your customers, employees or business partners.

Werbeartikel Wetterstationen mit Logo.

Outlooks for your advertising message: Bright to sunny!

With the digital thermo-hygrometer 30.5033, you can ensure a healthy indoor climate for your customers. A thermo-hygrometer with printed advertising logo is a practical and, at the same time, decorative advertising item and customer gift.

The analogue thermo-hygrometer with metal ring, art. 45.2024 and the analogue thermo-hygrometer with metal ring, art. 45.2033 are “Made in Germany”. The colour-coded comfort zones help to keep temperature and humidity in the comfort zone.

The particularly small and compact digital thermo-hygrometer with comfort zone is ideal for monitoring the indoor climate and can also be used as an advertising item.

Werbeartikel: Thermo-Hygrometer mit Druck.

Thermo-hygrometers with imprint ensure an optimal indoor climate with advertising impact.

Garden owners and nature lovers are particularly interested in rainfall. Rain gauges with an advertising message answer the question “How much did it actually rain today?” quite simply and, at the same time, decoratively. The analogue rain gauge art. no. 47.1006 from TFA Dostmann is ideal for printing with your advertising message.

Thermometers are promotional items with a big impact. With the LOGOneo wireless thermometer, you and your customers are always up to date on temperature. The slim device receives the outside temperature via its own radio transmitter. An internal sensor measures the indoor temperature. Monitoring the room temperature allows your customers to enjoy a comfortable and healthy living environment and it helps to save energy.

The VISION digital window thermometer has an eye-catching character and ensures high attention as a promotional item. The analogue indoor-outdoor thermometer made of stainless steel is a classic among promotional items. Your well-placed logo comes into its own on its timeless and simple temperature gauge.

Beliebte Werbemittel: Thermometer mit Druck.

Find the right level in terms of promotional products – with printed thermometers.

Discover your individual corporate promotional gift

Christmas is a time for reflection. Use this festive occasion to show your appreciation to others. A carefully selected company Christmas gift always increases the emotional bond of your customers and business partners with your company. Even your own employees will be happy to receive an attractive gift at Christmas. With promotional items for the festive season, your company or association will always be remembered fondly.

Did you like our selection of promotional products? Or would you like to browse through more products? Then, take a look at all the promotional items. In the customised item view, the products that are particularly suitable for printing or engraving are marked with an icon. We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer for your personal employee or customer gift using the respective printing technique.

Not only at Christmas are we happy to fulfil your advertising wishes and even custom-made products. We offer you high quality and the best conditions all year round. At TFA Dostmann, you can have your promotional items and giveaways printed or engraved cheaply and in small quantities. We make sure that your promotional or corporate gifts are convincing in terms of quality and appearance.

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