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Gifts for Christmas

As December approaches each year, the same question always crops up: “What presents can I get for everyone?”. Socks or ties for men, jewellery and perfume for women and vouchers for everyone else are no longer the easy default choice.

Sustainable gifts, useful Christmas gift ideas or tech-based gifts are becoming increasingly popular. Also for wichtel gifts is searched today for suitable ideas.

The 10 best gift ideas for Christmas

Here are our top 10 ideas for Christmas gifts:

Gift tip 1: Coloured weather station

The weather station SEASON displays the weather forecast in an entertaining way. The animated weather picture is colourful and changes according to the season. The indoor climate readings as well as outdoor temperature and humidity figures appear in large digits on the coloured display. A bar chart shows the changes in air pressure and a stylised moon shows you the moon phase. The date, day of the week and time via radio round off the functional range of this modern weather station. Chic and functional – a high-quality gift idea that will always fit nicely under the Christmas tree.

Gift tip 2: Get the weather forecast at home

If you are looking for a weather station that has the most important functions, you will be glad to find the weather station SKY. The display has highlights in blue so you get the picture directly what the weather is like. The SKY weather station provides you the current weather with symbols. Not only the perfect Christmas present for your girlfriend or boyfriend, but also for spouses and colleagues.

Gift tip 3: Plain window thermometer

It’s enough to glance out of the window to find out what the current weather is. But an extra window thermometer will let you immediately see what the current temperature is too. That is why our Christmas gift tip is: the digital window thermometer VISION. The outdoor temperature is displayed in large, easy-to-read digits. This flat outdoor thermometer is also unobtrusive so is suitable for all kinds of houses – from classic to modern design. A practical Christmas present for parents, grandparents or just to treat yourself.

Gift tip 4: Thermo-hygrometer for the best climate

There should be no compromises when it comes to the ideal humidity. For a Christmas present to someone who cares about a healthy indoor climate, we recommend the MOXX digital thermo-hygrometer. This small measuring device is a test winner and is also recommended by the Federal Association for Mould Repairs. Whether in black or white, current and prospective owners of old buildings will be thrilled to find out what is waiting for them under the Christmas tree!

Gift tip 5: Practical arc lighter

Anyone who wants to be sustainable will be delighted to have this electric arc lighter under the Christmas tree. This alternative lighter works completely without gas or petrol. It is charged via a micro-USB – using your notebook or your power bank, for example. The electric arc lighter even works in the wind and can light candles, lanterns, the BBQ or even the fire.

Gift tip 6: Handcrafted and unique

The scent of wood is something closely associated with Christmas and winter. Wood exudes cosiness and brings a piece of nature into your home. How about a unique Christmas present? The analogue wall clock TREE-O-CLOCK is handcrafted. The time is displayed on a disc made of oiled oak. Its natural tree bark makes this wall clock a unique Christmas present for anyone who values something really special.

Gift tip 7: The best alarm clock in the world

Are you looking for a Christmas present for morning grouches and persistent oversleepers? Give them the BINGO 2.0 digital radio alarm clock. The large high-contrast display shows them all the important information they need: two wake-up times, the current time as well as the room temperature. Its case is carefully designed so small and large hands can all comfortably operate the alarm clock.

Gift tip 8: Digital alarm clock for design fans

Clear lines and a wood-look continue to be must-haves for your interior. The wireless alarm clock CLOCCO design perfectly fits this wish. Modern functionality such as being able to dim the luminous numerals or activate the invisible display just by touch or sound make this alarm clock a perfect Christmas present for young and old alike.

Gift tip 9: Powerful thermometer for hobby chefs

Christmas time is also an important season in the kitchen. If you want to give a present to someone who passionately loves cooking, we recommend the Digital BBQ Meat Thermometer KÜCHEN-CHEF. Simply set the core temperature you want and wait for the signal to sound when your steak has reached the correct cooking level on the grill or in the oven. Suitable as a Christmas present for both women and men – hobby chefs and professional BBQ-ers will be equally thrilled.

Gift tip 10: Digital timer for tea lovers

The digital tea timer CUBE TIMER is the perfect little helper to watch the perfect infusion time so you can really enjoy your hot cup of tea after a long winter walk. Ideal for cold hands, because it doesn’t have to be wound up. The timer starts running instantly and its signal tone tells you when it’s time to remove the tea bag or tea filter. This handy timer is also a lovely gift for your little ones or as an Advent calendar idea.

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