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Christmas presents: As December draws closer in the calendar, the same old question comes up again: “What should I give as a present?”. With socks or ties for men, jewelry and perfume for women and vouchers for everyone, you probably won’t see a great deal of excitement on what’s under the Christmas tree.

Sustainable gifts, useful gift ideas for Christmas or technology gifts are becoming increasingly popular. Today we are also looking for suitable gift ideas. We have put together the top 10 gift ideas for Christmas which are all about the weather, time and home.

The 10 best gift ideas for Christmas

Here are our top 10 ideas for Christmas gifts:

Gift idea 1: Digital cube timer for the COVID antigen test

Self-tests for home or the office can make an important contribution to more consideration and safety for all of us in coronavirus times. A waiting time of 15 minutes is needed for a correct result.

A great and convenient gift for this is our white CUBE TIMER. Simply turn to the number 15 and the timer starts running. With a beep you are informed when it is time to read the test result.

Digital timer CUBE TIMER

  • Operation is as easy as child’s play
  • 4 pre-set countdown times: 5 – 15 – 30 – 60 min.
  • Simply turn the desired time side up – the countdown starts
  • Rotating flip display shows the remaining time
  • Optical and acoustic alarms adjustable

This or other handy timers are also very suitable as an Secret Santa present.

Gift idea 2: Thermo-hygrometer for a better air

When it comes to the ideal humidity, you shouldn’t compromise. Recent studies have shown a connection between the coronavirus and humidity.

If you want to give a Christmas present to someone for whom a healthy indoor climate is important, then our tip is the digital thermo-hygrometer with comfort level. The particularly small and compact device hardly takes up any space and can be easily attached to many surfaces with the adhesive pad.

Digital thermo-hygrometer with comfort level

  • For a healthy indoor climate
  • Monitoring of indoor temperature and humidity
  • Smiley for comfort level
  • Flexible to attach with adhesive foil and stand
  • Extra small and compact

Discover why our thermo-hygrometers are ideal gifts for your home or office.

Gift Idea 3: Battery tester for more sustainability

Giving presents is fun – but it’s even more fun when you can give presents with a clear conscience. Masses of batteries that are not fully discharged are recycled or, in the worst case, end up directly in the household waste.

The battery tester BatteryCheck is a sustainable solution for this! With the battery tester, you can quickly and easily check the state of charge of batteries. Through the better use of batteries and rechargeable batteries, we protect the environment and raw materials, and only apparently defective devices are not disposed of hastily.

Battery tester BatteryCheck

  • Fast power level check of batteries
  • Display of charge status and battery power in volts
  • Suitable for the most common battery types & rechargeable batteries
  • Does not need its own battery
  • Small, compact, and robust

Gift Idea 4: Powerful thermometer for amateur cooks

Christmas season is also an important culinary season. If you want to give a present to someone who is passionate about cooking, we recommend the SMART Wireless BBQ thermometer HYPER BBQ. Meat dishes are guaranteed to be a success.

Simply set the desired core temperature and the smartphone will inform you when the steak on the BBQ grill or the roast in the oven is properly cooked. The HYPER BBQ will make a great Christmas present for amateur cooks and professional barbecuers alike – women or men – will be thrilled with a thermometer for the kitchen.

Smart Wireless BBQ thermometer Hyper BBQ

  • Thermometer for barbecue/grill/smoker/grill cart
  • Lid thermometer for temperature control in the cooking chamber
  • With two stainless steel insertion probes for measuring core temperature
  • Convenient operation via smartphone with free app for iOS & Android (German, English and 6 other languages)
  • Pre-programmed settings for types of meat and doneness, many alarm settings can be configured

Gift Idea 5: CO2 monitor for better indoor air

Most people spend a lot of time indoors. Therefore, it is not surprising that indoor air quality has a great influence on our well-being and health.

The AIRCO2NTROL UP CO2 monitor comfortably indicates when it is time to ventilate with a traffic light. The device measures the CO2 concentration-level of the air with a high-quality NDIR dual beam sensor.


  • For the monitoring of CO2 concentration-levels in rooms
  • High-quality NDIR Dual Beam sensor
  • Display of ambient temperature and humidity
  • Storage of highest and lowest values of CO2, temperature and humidity
  • Alarm function for CO2 concentration

Gift tip 6: Digital rain gauge for hobby gardeners

If you are looking for a suitable Christmas present for a passionate gardener, then the DROP Wireless Rain Gauge is just the thing. With this rain gauge, you can easily and precisely determine the amount of rainfall.

In addition, the indoor temperature and time are also displayed. A rain gauge is an ideal Christmas present not only for girlfriend or boyfriend, but also for spouses and colleagues who love their garden and nature.

Wireless Rain Gauge DROP

  • Determines the rainfall easily and accurately
  • Rainfall readings are transmitted wirelessly
  • 24-hours rainfall alarm
  • Monthly history of the last 12 months
  • Display and graphic representation of rainfall

Gift idea 7: drinking straws for a great drinking experience

WChristmas presents are a beautiful and worldwide tradition. But all too often the festival can turn into a great consumer battle. Drinking straw made of glass are a sensible choice for a gift and they belong under every sustainable Christmas tree. This is because you can avoid unnecessary single-use plastic in your favorite drink. Try these fine straws with a Wassail Bowl right away.

The drinking straws made of glass are 100% recyclable and with their standard length are perfect for many hot and cold beverages. A timeless gift idea for your friends, family or acquaintances.

drinking straws made of glass GlasWerk MEDIUM

  • 100% reusable
  • 100% dishwasher safe
  • 100% recyclable
  • 100% tasteless
  • 100% made in Germany

Gift Idea 8: Weather station for suitable weather

The Wireless weather station with wind and rain gauge WEATHER PRO creates a varied weather forecast. Its display let you read the weather information and the room climate.

Stylish and functional – a weather station is a high-quality gift idea that will always go well under the Christmas tree.

Wireless weather station with wind and rain gauge WEATHER PRO

  • Outdoor temperature and humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and rainfall via wireless outdoor transmitters
  • Indoor temperature and humidity as well as air pressure with bar graph
  • Weather forecast with symbols and atmospheric pressure trend
  • Trend arrows, maximum and minimum values with time and date of storage
  • Adjustable alarm settings for temperature, humidity, rain, and wind

Gift Idea 9: Table clock for the special room

A Christmas gift should always be special and personal. Does the person receiving the gift own a fireplace or a stylish sideboard, desk, or shelf? To set this with a beautiful accessory decoratively in scene, the table clock CAMINO is suitable. In addition, you still have the time in view.

With its solid frame made of polished aluminum and the noble, timeless design CAMINO makes every room something special.

Table clock CAMINO

  • Frame made of polished aluminum
  • Solid design
  • Noble, classic design
  • Non-slip stand with felt pad
  • Ideal as a mantel clock

Gift Idea 10: Light alarm clock for the best relaxation

Do you also know someone who has problems getting out of bed on time in the morning? Then the SOLUNA light alarm clock with colour change is the ideal gift. In the evening, the modern alarm clock with a simulated sunset helps to end the day comfortably. It is easier to find sleep.

In the morning, the light alarm clock wakes your up very slowly with a light that gradually becomes brighter. This gently wakes you up – like the rising sun. Classic Alarm clocks are also an ideal gift, not just for those who don’t like the mornings.

SOLUNA light alarm clock with colour change

  • Mood light with colour change
  • Gentle waking up with gradual brightening light and / or gentle
  • 5 different light modes and 20 unique colour options
  • Indoor temperature and humidity
  • Charging function for mobile devices via USB port (1A)

And that’s how you can choose the right Christmas present

Summer has just gone and now Christmas is just around the corner. If you need several great gifts, you would often spend weeks worrying about the ideal gift. Our tip: First make a list of the people who should receive a Christmas present. When looking for the right gift, it will help you if you consider:

  • What does the person like?
  • What does the person spend their time on?
  • What does the person do in their free time?
  • What is the person’s lifestyle?
  • How is their house decorated?

Then decide on a gift idea. The person will surely be very happy about it and notice that you have taken the time to choose the gift.

You are now perfectly prepared to find the right Christmas present. Übrigens: By the way: We have also put together the right promotional gifts with print or engraving options for customers, employees and business partners.

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