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Smart Wireless BBQ thermometer Hyper BBQ 14.1513


  • Thermometer for barbecue/grill/smoker/grill cart
  • Lid thermometer for temperature control in the cooking chamber
  • With two stainless steel insertion probes for measuring core temperature
  • Convenient operation via smartphone with free app for iOS & Android (German, English and 6 other languages)
  • Pre-programmed settings for types of meat and doneness, many alarm settings can be configured

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Product specification

Whether it’s a juicy pulled pork, spare ribs or tender pork loin, with the Smart Wireless HYPER BBQ thermometer you have full control of the barbecue.
The lid thermometer shows you the cooking chamber’s temperature on the illuminated display when grilling indirectly with the hood closed. At the same time, you can use the two probe sensors to monitor the core temperature of two items to be grilled and cook them precisely in the hot air stream. Connect the thermometer to your smartphone or tablet via the HYPER BBQ App, use the pre-programmed cooking levels or set all temperature specifications and a timer individually.
Follow the cooking process wirelessly with a range of up to 50 meters with your mobile device. The current temperatures and the target temperatures are shown alternately in the App and on the thermometer display. If the desired core temperature has been reached, the timer has expired or the cooking chamber temperature does not remain within the programmed limits, you can choose between different alarm settings. The free App is available in German, English and 6 other languages for iOS & Android™.

The high-quality stainless-steel probes remain in the barbecue throughout the cooking process. They are simply inserted into the meat and the heat-resistant cable is led out of the cooking chamber. A winding aid is included for winding up the 120 cm long cable.

The Smart Wireless HYPER BBQ thermometer can be used as a spare part or as a retrofit for an existing barbecue, smoker, smoker over or grill cart.
A hole diameter of about 9 to 14mm is required for attachment to the cover or hood. The thermometer is simply inserted into the pre-drilled hole and fixed from the inside with the supplied nut. The supplied metal plate protects the device from overheating.


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  • Lid thermometer for barbecue/grill/smoker/smoker oven/grill cart
  • With two stainless steel insertion probes with 120 cm cable
  • For simultaneous monitoring of cooking chamber temperature and core temperature of two grilling pieces
  • Convenient operation via smartphone with free app for iOS & Android (German, English and 6 other languages)
  • Pre-programmed settings for different types of meat and doneness
  • Individual target temperature or upper and lower limit adjustable
  • Timer function with progress bar
  • Thermometer display with backlight
  • Various alarm settings and notification functions configurable
  • As spare part, for retrofitting or for do-it-yourself construction
  • For mounting on lid or hood

Product information for download:

Technical data

Delivery contents Thermometer, 2 stainless steel probes with 120 cm cable , wrap, heat isolation sheet, gasket, wing nut, instruction manual
Measuring range Probe: 0...300°C (32...572°F), Ambient: 30...400°C (86...752°F)
Cable length ca. 120cm
Maximum range 50m
Material Plastic, stainless steel
Assembling For mounting on lid or hood
Power consumption Batteries
Batteries 2 x AAA 1.5 V
Batteries included no
Dimensions (L) 105 x (B) 123 x (H) 109 mm
Weight 241g

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