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Daylight saving time change

TFA Dostmann is your partner for digital and analog radio and quartz wall clocks.

The last weekend in March, the whole of Europe changes its clocks. Daylight saving time will then apply. Around this date, we discuss every year anew: “When will daylight savings time be abolished?”. Will this year be the last time that the daylight saving time change takes place?

Corona virus: What role do temperature and humidity play?

Studien zeigen, dass die Luftfeuchtigkeit erhöht werden soll, um das Corona-Virus einzudämmen.

Many people are currently infected with the corona virus and the number of cases continues to increase. In addition to the current measures against the spread of the virus, higher temperatures and extra air humidification in rooms can reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

Christmas gifts

“What should I give?” is the big question every year as December approaches in the calendar. Be it for the partner, the parents or for friends and colleagues, we sometimes lack the ideas. How about a useful or sustainable gift? Read our Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas here:

Which glass drinking straw is the right one?

It is and remains a matter of taste whether we drink with or without a straw. Many types of glass use special glass types and sizes. All the more important that even plastic-free straws are adaptable to the various drinks […]