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A cool breeze in your hair and salt on your skin – these gift ideas for sailors guarantee a touch of wanderlust. From useful marine instruments to elegant decorations with a maritime flair, all sailing fans will get their money’s worth: whether boat owners, amateur sailors or mariners far away from the coast.

Attention landlubbers: There’s something here for every occasion. Whether for Christmas or as a birthday present, sailors, boat lovers and all marine enthusiasts will be delighted with these customised gifts.

Discover practical gifts for sailing

We have put together our top 11 gift ideas for all sailing fans here:

Gift idea 1: METEOMAR maritime weather station with detailed air pressure information

Sailors know there is nowhere where the weather changes as suddenly as on the high seas. Reliable measuring devices on board are, therefore, not only practical to help you recognise weather changes and the risk of storms in good time, but also vital for sailors in an emergency.

With the maritime weather station METEOMAR 35.1124, sailors always have the current air pressure, including trend arrows and progression display, in view. With its precise measurement, maritime appearance and clear display, this wireless weather station is the ideal source of information for boaters who are about to set sail again. Thanks to its individual alarm function, you can be warned of a rapid drop in air pressure and the risk of severe weather with an alarm tone.

This weather station has an elegant metal frame made of brushed aluminium, in a choice of brass or anthracite silver tone. With its very sturdy wall mounting, METEOMAR stays firmly in place no matter how rough the sea gets. But this weather station is also a perfect home accessory on land for anyone who wants to bring useful weather information and a maritime atmosphere into their home.

Maritime weather station METEOMAR

  • The atmospheric pressure always in view
  • Relative atmospheric pressure with trend arrow
  • Large bar chart for atmospheric pressure changes 24h/3h/1h
  • Atmospheric pressure difference -1h /-3h with adjustable alarm
  • Indoor temperature and humidity
  • Radio-controlled clock with date
  • Elegant aluminium frame

Gift idea 2: Tide clock – always keep an eye on the sea’s ebb and flow

In many coastal regions, ebb and flow determine the rhythm of life. Sailors planning a trip in tidal waters are best advised to take a trained look at a tide clock – but anglers, surfers, swimmers and mudflat hikers also follow the tide.

The analogue tide clock 60.3029 provides information about your local tide status and the remaining hours until low or high tide. Its modern design in crisp shades of blue, high-quality stainless-steel frame and glass cover also make this tide clock a great accessory for a maritime lifestyle. Unlike conventional clocks, the tide clock is orientated to the moon, whose gravitational forces determine the rhythm of the tides.

This clock is designed so that its hand circles the dial twice per lunar day. The times of high and low tides vary from place to place. So, the tide clock is set to your desired location on the coast – your holiday home, holiday accommodation, caravan site or favourite surfing spot.

Analogue tide clock

  • Modern maritime design in shades of blue
  • Display of the time span up to the next ebb or flood
  • Frame made of stainless steel, glass cover
  • Ideal for people with affinity to the sea
  • Decorative accessory for maritime interior design

Gift idea 3: MARITIM analogue barometer with open movement

Ship ahoy! No seaworthy boat should be without a reliable barometer – after all, measuring barometric pressure is key to providing a local weather forecast.

The analogue barometer MARITIM 29.4022 in a classic design matches the weather instruments from the same series. A particular eye-catcher is its open movement, which gives a view of the high-quality mechanism of the aneroid barometer. This measuring instrument, manufactured entirely in Germany, is, therefore, not only an important companion at sea, but a gift that also adds a touch of coastal flair to any living space with its maritime appearance and timeless beauty.

Analogue barometer with open movement MARITIM

  • Made in Germany
  • Barometer in maritime design
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Visible barometer movement to forecast the weather
  • Matches the weather instruments from the “MARITIM” series

Gift idea 4: MARITIM analogue thermo-hygrometer

Whether at sea or in your own four walls – a pleasant climate is essential for feeling comfortable in your cabin or living room.

The analogue thermo-hygrometer MARITIM 45.2031 measures temperature and humidity and displays these with the comfort zone. This reliable stainless-steel device enables sailing enthusiasts to keep an eye on the indoor climate in their maritime-style living room, creating a feel-good atmosphere, preventing mould and even saving on heating costs – whether in a holiday home by the sea or in a city flat.

If you prefer to keep an eye on humidity and temperature separately, it is best to use thermo-hygrometers from the same series. All measuring devices in the MARITIM series are manufactured entirely in Germany.

Analogue thermo-hygrometer MARITIM

  • Made in Germany
  • For a healthy indoor climate
  • To monitor temperature and humidity
  • With comfort levels

Gift idea 5: MARITIM analogue wall clock made of stainless steel

Is the holiday season a long way off, but you are still longing for the sea in your heart? With a little maritime flair, coastal fans can bring that holiday feeling into their own four walls.

The analogue wall clock MARITIM 60.3014 made of stainless steel fits perfectly into any living room that is still missing a little sense of the sea. Or it can transform your bedroom into a cabin on a sailing ship. Like the other appliances in the series, it is manufactured entirely in Germany. All that’s missing are a few shells, a jar full of sand and a ship in a bottle on the windowsill and the maritime lifestyle will be a feature of any city flat.

Analogue wall clock made of stainless steel MARITIM

  • Made in Germany
  • Wall clock made of stainless steel in maritime design
  • Matches the weather instruments from the “MARITIM” series

Gift idea 6: VIEW PRO WLAN wireless weather station with wind gauge

Wind, rain or a persistent high: Anyone who enjoys water sports is also interested in the weather. Depending on the location of the weather station, you can also keep an eye on the current sailing wind and prepare for your next trip. With the wireless weather station with WLAN View PRO 35.8003, yacht owners, skippers and hobby sailors can get comprehensive information at any time – whether at home or on the move.

The solar-powered combined transmitter records the wind direction and speed whilst simultaneously monitoring temperature and humidity. An integrated electronic barometer measures air pressure and provides weather forecasts on its colour display. The display is supplemented by current information from an online weather service via a WLAN connection and the measured values can be retrieved worldwide using the free TFA VIEW app. Wifi Weather Stations offer the convenience of tracking and analyzing current measurement data effortlessly.

Whether sailing, kitesurfing or surfing – with this gift, nobody will be able to take the wind out of their sails when it comes to their personal passion.

Wireless weather station with Wifi VIEW PRO

  • Colour display with 4 brightness levels
  • Wireless transmission of outdoor temperature and humidity, rain amount, wind speed and wind direction
  • Additional functions on the station via internet connection
  • Free TFA VIEW app allows worldwide retrieval of measurements values
  • Professional weather forecast for the region for several days and parts of the day

Gift idea 7: Infrared thermometer for water temperature

Do you stretch your big toe into the water to check the temperature? This is rather difficult from a sailing boat – so, a practical infrared thermometer helps to measure the bathing temperature without touching the water.

If you don’t want to be surprised by icy temperatures when you jump into the cool water, the infrared thermometer SLIM FLASH 31.1128 is the perfect solution. Aim it at the surface of the sea or lake, press the button – and, after just one second, it is clear whether your sailing holiday can become a swimming holiday. This simple temperature gauge offers many other possible uses on board and on land. Thanks to its handy size and weight of just 28 grams, it fits in any trouser pocket and is, therefore, always ready to hand for boat owners and amateur sailors.

Infrared thermometer SLIM FLASH

  • Contact-free measuring of surface temperature
  • Measuring time of only 1 second
  • Small, easy to use
  • Compliant with HACCP, ideal for food
  • A versatile tool for the household, craft and hobby

Gift idea 8: Head torch for better vision on board

Person overboard – nobody wants to hear anyone shouting that at sea! With a head torch, sailors can stay safe on deck even at night and have their hands free at the same time. Hopefully, your lifejacket will stay dry until you go ashore.

At just 72 grams, the LED head torch LUMATIC FREE 43.2039 with integrated, rechargeable battery is not only a flyweight, but is also ready for use in wind and weather thanks to its splash-water protection. The headband is elasticated, adjustable and adapts flexibly to the shape of your head; its silicone coating prevents it from slipping. An LED focus light ensures good vision up to 45 metres, while an integrated motion sensor enables contactless operation.


  • Diffused light with super-bright light strip or focused light
  • 3 modes of operation
  • Integrated rechargeable battery
  • Splashproof
  • Adjustable elastic strap

Gift idea 9: Lighter – ignites in wind and weather

A stiff breeze often blows around the noses of sailing enthusiasts on the coast. A conventional lighter has a hard time with this – as soon as the flame is lit, it is blown out again.

With an electric arc lighter 98.1124, seafarers and coastal holidaymakers are well advised – like a storm lighter, it ignites even in wind and weather and offers additional safety on board without a real flame. Thanks to its handy size, it is always to hand and a protective cover prevents accidental ignition. It is easy and economical to charge using a micro USB cable. You can reliably light the candles in your holiday home, the barbecue on the terrace or the campfire on the beach with this practical gift.

Electric arc lighter

  • To light candles, gas stovetops/ BBQs and much more
  • Works with an electric arc
  • Lights up in all weathers, no open flame
  • Charging via micro-USB cable
  • Safe and easy to use

Gift idea 10: Mini alarm clock with stopwatch – ideal for a ship’s cabin

On time for the next regatta or out of your bunk in good time in the morning – with an alarm clock in a handy pocket size, boat lovers can always keep an eye on the time. The mini digital alarm clock with timer and stopwatch 60.2036 (available in two colours) is equipped with several functions that make it the ideal companion in everyday life and on board. Its practical button lock ensures safe transport so that your selected settings are not lost while travelling.

Digital alarm clock with timer and stopwatch

  • Small and handy
  • Large, easy-to-read numbers
  • With key lock
  • With magnet and stand

Gift idea 11: With a compass towards the horizon

Over the gangway and off to adventure – on the way towards the horizon, there’s one thing every sailor must have in their luggage: a reliable compass.

With the hiking compass 42.1004, motorboat drivers, sailors and boating enthusiasts always stay on course at sea. But even far from the coast and tides, this device helps outdoor fans determine the cardinal points and keep their bearings when hiking, biking or geocaching. This compass uses only the earth’s magnetic field entirely without a battery and is always ready for use. Its high-quality metal housing makes this mechanical compass particularly robust and pocket-friendly.

Marching Compass

  • To determine the direction and location
  • Robust metal housing
  • Oil-filled

Handy gift ideas for the sea, water sports and more

Looking for the ideal gift? If you focus on the passion or hobby of your recipient, you’ll never go wrong. Whether it’s a sailing trip, a holiday on the coast or a maritime lifestyle in their own four walls: This selection has something to suit everyone. A maritime weather instrument, a practical accessory for equipment or an aesthetic decorative item – with gift ideas from TFA, seafarers, water sports enthusiasts and landlubbers with a longing for the coast will all get their money’s worth.

Now, you are perfectly prepared to find the right birthday or Christmas present for your sailing-loving friends and family members. Our tip: Remember that it’s never too early to start looking for presents. The more time you have, the more relaxed the search for the perfect gift will be.

There’s only one thing left to say: May you always have a safe journey – fair winds and following seas!

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