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The jury has decided: The BatteryCheck battery tester won despite fierce competition and was awarded the Promotional Gift Award 2021 together with other prize winners. The Promotional Gift Award is an international competition to reward creative and innovatively used promotional products or product range concepts. The prize has been awarded by the Cologne-based publishing house WA Media since 2003.

The excellent battery tester BatteryCheck is a battery tester that can be used to quickly and easily check the level of charge of batteries. The device does not require its own battery for operation as it uses the energy of the battery to be tested to do the quick check. As a result, the battery tester is always ready for use and practical testing is carried out in the load condition. The new product will be available from around March 2021.

The idea behind the product

Thousands of electronic devices today are powered by commercially available batteries. However, many of these devices only use part of the energy provided by the battery. The result is that a huge amount of batteries that are not fully discharged are recycled or, in the worst case, end up directly in the household waste.

BatteryCheck Batterietester.

Excellent promotional product: BatteryCheck battery tester.

In addition, many people suspect a defect in a device, when in fact the problem lies on an empty battery which needs to be replaced. If the residual voltage of a battery is too low for some devices to function properly, these batteries can still be used sustainably, e.g. in a remote control or torch. This way all the energy that is still available will be used. Unfortunately it is not always easy to determine whether a battery or rechargeable battery is really empty.

So TFA came up with the idea to develop a simple and uncomplicated battery tester that eliminates this problem. By means of making a better use of batteries and rechargeable batteries, we protect the environment and raw materials. Moreover, apparently defective devices may not disposed of so hastily.

Award winning promotional product

With the claim to protect the environment and reduce waste through mindful battery management, the battery tester developed by TFA convinces as a sustainable and as an innovative promotional product of the future. The BatteryCheck offers ample space on the top next to the display for affixing a logo or advertising.

BatteryCheck Batterietester mit Logo.

Battery tester with your advertising message.

For the award-winning product in the category “Communicative Product”, TFA Dostmann will receive an award trophy and a certificate. All winning products will also be on display throughout the day in a dedicated exhibition at HAPTICA® live ’21. Due to the measures taken to contain the COVID 19 pandemic, the exact date has not yet been determined, as has the question of whether the winners will again be honoured at a formal awards ceremony.

We are very proud to have made a lasting impression on the jury with our innovative new product. The BatteryCheck will be available from around March 2021.

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