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Anna Karina Schirmacher writes for TFA

Anna Karina Schirmacher has been in the #teamTFA since 2018. She creates the majority of content for the webpage. Product topics & background and everyday problems are among the core areas she concentrates on as an online marketing manager. With wide knowledge, curiosity and extensive research, Anna Karina writes many texts for TFA on information and advice aimed at our customers and the public in general. Also found within the texts are general knowledge and experience from the customer service team, as well as background information from the technical support department.

Problem-solving products from TFA in action at home

TFA topics are also very important for Anna Karina Schirmacher in her private life. Her favourite products definitely include the cheerful children's clock. The Cube-Timer can be found at her home in many different uses, from playing board games with the children to cooking with the whole family. For a good indoor climate, she uses mainly the Cosy Radar und WeatherHub transmitter. She relies on a radio-controlled weather station from TFA in order to be well-prepared for her hobby of hiking.

Christmas gifts

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Which glass drinking straw is the right one?

It is and remains a matter of taste whether we drink with or without a straw. Many types of glass use special glass types and sizes. All the more important that even plastic-free straws are adaptable to the various drinks […]