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GlasWerk: drinking straw made of glass

Coinciding with the EU decision to ban disposable plastic from 2021, we present the alternative to the plastic drinking straw: a drinking straw made of glass called GlasWerk.

The glass straws are directly produced at our factory in Wertheim. We only use high-quality SCHOTT® glass from Germany. The choice of material is obvious: glass is food safe, not affected by temperature fluctuations, reusable and meets all hygiene standards. Upon request, TFA can customise the drinking straws with laser engraving or printing.


GlasWerk glass drinking straw. Amazing look and easy to handle.

Glass straws directly from the TFA factory

When it comes to glass, we know what we are talking about. As a manufacturer of mechanical thermometers, we know the advantages of working with glass and we are specialised in the processing of glass in general. Currently many companies are looking for replacements to disposable plastic products that are known to be harmful to the environment. In October this year, a resourceful employee from our own glassblowing plant presented us with a mouth-blown prototype. From that moment onwards, everything moved on very fast and an existing machine was rebuilt specially for drinking straw production and many tests were undertaken. The expectations on the final product were high. With the GlasWerk drinking straws, we have succeeded in creating a high-quality product that is sustainable, reusable and affordable and, above all 100% manufactured in Germany.

No need to worry about breakage: GlasWerk drinking straws are robust

To make the drinking straws easy to handle and yet strong, TFA offers different lengths and diameters. Thus, a variant is available for every application: smoothies, specialty coffees or milkshakes can be enjoyed with GlasWerk drinking straw as well as soft drinks, cocktails and long drinks. Since glass is completely tasteless and hygienic, a pure and unspoiled drinking experience is guaranteed.

Glass straw cleaning

Cleaning straws made of glass is easy and it can be implemented in large catering establishments. SCHOTT®glass is dishwasher safe and durable. Thus, a conventional glass or dishwashing detergent can be used in the cleaning process.

Glass straws presented

During important industry fairs, we presented GlasWerk drinking straws to a professional audience. The response was completely positive.

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