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What do we drink with glass drinking straws?

With a GlasWerk drinking straw made of glass, you enhance the look of a beautifully laid table, your cocktails will become a real eye-catcher and you will showcase a flair for trends. Drinks and many liquid foods are best consumed with drinking straws, simply due to the sensation you get from the drink or due to fashion. Cocktails, smoothies, milkshakes and even coffee specialties are a must when it comes to using glass drinking straws.

Which glass drinking straw do I use for my drink?

Straws are available in various sizes and shapes, also depending on the intended use. The glass drinking straw GlasWerk SHORT is suitable for many short drinks, aperitifs and smaller drinking vessels. With MEDIUM, we have a standard size that is suitable for average glass sizes. For non-alcoholic drinks, such as juice spritzers and soft drinks and for specialty coffees and long drinks, the 20 cm long glass straw is the right option.

Smoothies, milkshakes or bubble teas are best enjoyed with tall drinking glasses. For this, we recommend the GlasWerk drinking straw LONG. With a length of 23cm, the glass drinking straw is the perfect companion, even for jumbo cocktails.

What glass sizes are glass drinking straws suitable for?

Many types of drinks require special glass types and sizes. Especially for wine and spirits, the connoisseur places value on the right glass, because only then can the aroma fully unfold. This is what makes even more important that plastic-free straws are adaptable to different drinks:

Glass drinking straws: reusable like a normal glass

Wash by hand or in the dishwasher? Both are no problem for glass drinking straws. The glass straws are break-proof, so they can withstand both cleaning modes just like any drinking glass would. For dried residues inside the glass tube, simply use the appropriate cleaning brush. The storage is also uncomplicated, and the drinking straws can be kept in the cutlery drawer or cupboard.

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