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With sous-vide to the perfect steak

Already in the spring months you can smell the scent of grilled food when the weather is good. As soon as the weather gets better, the barbecue season starts. If you wonder how to grill a steak perfectly, you will find the uncomplicated solution with the Sous-vide method.

How to grill steak perfectly

  1. The pieces of meat are sealed in portions in vacuum bags before being cooked. Ask your butcher if he can do this for you. Depending on your taste, herbs and spices can be added to the meat or you can season it before serving.
  2. The steaks are simply pre-cooked and can stay in the warm water bath until you want to grill the meat. The exact core temperature is maintained in this way, because the following applies: the water temperature is the same as the core temperature. An unbeatable advantage for parties: nothing burns, everything is perfectly cooked at any time with a 100% guarantee of success.
  3. Finally, place the meat on the barbecue grill for a moment, just to get the delicious brown crust and bbq flavours – and it’s done!

Which is the ideal cooking level for the perfect steak?

Depending on your taste, you can achieve the ideal cooking level by monitoring the core temperature and by cooking the steak with a sous vide stick:
Overview of the cooking levels of steak. Prepare the perfect steak with sous-vide and barbecue thermometers from TFA Dostmann

Sous-vide Sticks from TFA Dostmann

Cooking in a water bath under vacuum protects the nutrients and preserves the taste of the food. A Sous-Vide Stick is an ideal kitchen item and its compact size makes it easy to stow away.

Here you can find different models and colours:

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