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Kerstin Dostmann gets to the heart of TFA products

Kerstin Dostmann is a graduate in Business Administration and founded the marketing department at TFA Dostmann in the 1990s. Since then she has written countless texts, instruction manuals, catalogues, press releases and - in the digital age - contributions to the TFA website, newsletters and online marketing. For a long time she was working as a one-woman-department; today she leads a strong, young, creative and highly motivated team of four people, and together they have a lot of fun with the diverse TFA product range.

Own products get tested at the Dostmann‘s

Naturally, there are countless TFA measuring devices in the Dostmann household, whether in test or continuously in use. In the morning, the alarm Clock BINGO goes off on time. The first look is at the outside temperature on the window thermometer VISION, the second look the forecast on the Satellite-based Wireless Weather Station EOS MAX. It continues with the CUBE Tea Timer, which ensures the perfect infusion time. It is important for the marketing boss to try out all TFA products herself, to check their suitability for everyday life and to incorporate many of her own experiences in her communication‘s work.

How do I prepare the perfect steak?

Übersicht der Garstufen von Steak. Bereiten Sie das perfekte Steak mit Sous-vide und Grillthermometern zu von TFA Dostmann.

Already in the spring months you can smell the scent of grilled food when the weather is good. As soon as the weather gets better, the barbecue season starts. Those who wonder how to grill a steak perfectly will find the uncomplicated solution with the Sous-vide method […]

TFA at the PSI 2019: A review

TFA Team auf der PSI 2019

TFA has exhibited at the leading trade fair PSI in Dusseldorf for many decades. This year GlasWerk, the drinking straws made of glass, was shown to visitors […]

A special work anniversary

Thomas Dinkel celebrated a special anniversary at TFA Dostmann: 40 years ago, he started his training as an industrial clerk […]

Designer wall clock CONTOUR

Design_Wanduhr Contour TFA Dostmann in verschiedenen Farben

The design of this modern wall clock is memorable and timelessly beautiful. Designed by Mosru Mohiuddin exclusively for TFA […]