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Thermo-hygrometer for good purpose

Thermo-Hygrometer from TFA Dostmann worth over 2.200 Euros were given to the Verein Willkommen in Wertheim e.V. at the reception centre last week for the indoor climate monitoring.

TFA spendet Thermo-Hygrometer für Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung

Proper ventilation and heating without barrier

The donation is in cooperation with the Welcome to Wertheim Association and the devices are intended to support the refugees and workers alike by helping them to obtain proper ventilation and heating in refugee living areas for an optimal indoor climate. The monitoring of temperature and humidity makes it possible to precisely counteract the risk of mould formation.

The chairman of the Welcome to Wertheim club Walter Hörnig, the deputy head of the facility Dagmar Driewer and representatives of European Homecare – with director Lea Frank, accepted the donation from TFA employee Andreas Amend and were pleased with the fast and straightforward response and support.

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