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WeatherHub Observer

The WeatherHub Observer platform is available at and allows you to professionally monitor temperature and humidity levels directly on your PC or laptop. You can also have your data fully automatically documented upon request.

Application WeatherHub Observer

WeatherHub Observer is ideal for monitoring:

  • refrigerators and freezers,
  • residential rooms, storage rooms, warehouses and cold storages,
  • basements and wine cellars,
  • server rooms,
  • greenhouses,
  • humidors,
  • heating and solar systems,
  • saunas,
  • swimming pools and ponds,
  • animal husbandry facilities (stables, terrariums, aquariums, fish farms, hatcheries, etc.).

Answers to frequently asked questions on the WeatherHub Observer

It’s not possible to use any WeatherHub system transmitters with the Observer platform.

The WeatherHub system (use via iOS or Android App) and the Observer platform (use via Internet browser) are two separate, but technically related systems.

The receiver unit (gateway) is identical and the transmitters compatible with the Observer platform would also be compatible with the WeatherHub app.

The WeatherHub Observer platform is specifically designed for monitoring and fully automated documentation of temperature and humidity.

Ordinary WeatherHub system transmitters for temperature and humidity without export function, e.g. wind transmitters and rain transmitters which deliver completely different measured values, are therefore not compatible with the Observer platform.

The Observer platform is compatible with the following transmitter types:

In this case, please check whether the green LED light on your gateway is permanently lit or flashing.

If you can see it flashing, there is a communication problem. The frequency of the flashing provides information about the cause of the problem.

In regular operation, the green LED light is continuously lit. If the green LED light flashes continuously, there’s a communication problem with the server.

The frequency of the flashing also provides information about the cause of the problem:

  • The green LED light flashes once when the router is turned off or when the LAN cable is not connected.
  • The green LED light flashes twice when the gateway waits for the IP address to be assigned by the DHCP server.
  • The green LED light flashes three times when the gateway is waiting for the DNS server.
  • The green LED light flashes four times when the gateway is waiting for the time from the server.

The gateway automatically connects to the Internet and the server via DHCP when using a household Internet router.

If an automatic connection via DHCP is not allowed by the network settings, the gateway can also be manually integrated into a network using the WeatherHub app. For this, it is usually advisable to ask an IT specialist for help.

If a Proxi server is connected to the internet connection, the operation of the gateway is not possible.

There could be two possible reasons for this. On the one hand, it must be specified in the mail settings (top right) which address or addresses an e-mail should be sent to in the event of an alarm. If no address is stored or activated here, no mail will be sent.

It could also be that the selected alarm settings were not finally saved. After changing the display or alarm parameters on a sender detail page, you must save the currently selected settings if they are to be valid on a continuous basis. This is done with the button “set as default”.

In this case, it should first be ensured that the gateway is working normally and the green LED light is lit continuously.

It would also be useful to check the batteries in the respective transmitter (and replace if necessary).

For test purposes, we recommend to restart the transmitter in close proximity to the gateway and to observe it there for some time. If a station right next to the active gateway works as normal, but there is no need for regular updates at distance or at the desired location, there are probably too many local interferences. In this case, we recommend either choosing a different / better location for the transmitter or, if necessary, extending the wireless range with an additional gateway.

No. Repeaters are not compatible, with the WeatherHub Observer.

You can extend the receiver unit (gateway) range with several other gateway units. Provided that the gateway units can be integrated into the network or the Internet at their respective locations.

If your question is not listed, please contact the TFA Customer Service.