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Detecting the risk of mould – measure humidity

If there is not enough air exchange, the air in a room can quickly becomes too humid. A permanent high humidity in rooms can cause the dreaded mould. With a hygrometer, the humidity at the installation site can be close monitored.

Federal Association tests measuring instruments for temperature and humidity

The experts of the German Federal Association for Mould Control (BSS e.V.) have made their mission to test the reliability of commercially available indoor climate measuring devices in a one-year, long-term test. Special emphasis was placed on the accuracy of the devices. In a series of measurements in 2015 and 2016, it was also examined whether the respective values are stable over a longer period of time or whether the measuring accuracy decreases over time. In the first series of tests, 8 different digital hygrometers were tested.

Winner of the long-term test: MOXX Digital Thermo-Hygrometer from TFA

Testieger TFA MOXX

The winner of the digital devices was the Thermo-Hygrometer MOXX with a deviation of max 0.5% in relative humidity and a deviation of 0.2 ° C in temperature. As the measurement of 3 of these devices in the last series of measurements showed, the 3 TFA Moxx devices agreed extremely well. They indicated a maximum of 1% difference in humidity and 0.1 ° C difference in temperatures. And the deviations from the reference measurement were not higher than in the first test series. The association has published the detailed test report on its website.

Analogue hygrometers need to be regenerated regularly

A TFA device also displayed the most accurate values for the analogue hygrometers. In the long-term and comparison test, however, deviations were found in all devices, since analogue devices must be regularly regenerated and adjust in order to ensure reliable long-term measurements.

With the help of our guide, you can easily regenerate your analogue hygrometer and adjust it if necessary.

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