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What is sous vide?

Sous-Vide is French for “under vacuum”. If you have the necessary technology and equipment, this process can be used wonderfully to make work easier and, in many ways, better to cook. Not for nothing that sous vide-cooking is indispensable in many award-winning restaurants.

How is the sous-vide cooking method done?

In sous-vide, the cooking temperatures in the water bath are below 100°C, so this method is particularly gentle. Due to the lower heat effect, the texture of the ingredients changes much more gently on cell level, everything becomes tender and juicy with 100% success guarantee. This method has been established in France – since the 1970s. Nowadays, vacuum cooking in ordinary household kitchens is really gaining ground, as compact and easy-to-use sous-vide appliances are now readily available.

What are the advantages of vacuum cooking?

Flavors and taste are fully preserved during sous-vide cooking thanks to the vacuum-sealed bags. In addition, vitamins and nutrients are not lost. The sous vide method achieves even better results than the already known gentle steaming. When seasoning, make sure to use smaller amounts of ingredients, as every flavour is enhanced with sous-vide.
Especially small portions can be prepared to perfection. It is also advantageous that the temperature in the water bath equals the core temperature. If the temperature and the time required have been set accordingly, incorrect cooking is almost impossible. We have put together more tips for using a sous-vide stick: sous-vide tips

Which temperature and which cooking times do you cook with sous vide?

Since each food needs different cooking temperatures, the water temperature is not always the same. Use our core temperature chart as a guide.