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The accurate documentation of measurements carried out is essential for many applications. TFA offers measuring devices that come with a factory certificate with standardized test points included in the scope of delivery. If desired, you can also obtain a test certificate for other TFA measuring devices. You can order new products with a suitable certificate or have used measuring devices (newly) certified.

Do you need a measuring device with a certificate that certifies a specific measurement accuracy? A test certificate can be created for many products from TFA Dostmann. The test conditions and the result of a calibration are documented on the certificate. This way, you can be sure that the measuring device conforms to common standards and will provide accurate measurements.

For more information on how to get certified measuring devices, see our detailed advisory information.

All measuring devices with factory certificate included

Here, you can browse the products that can be purchased with a factory certificate as standard. Due to the standardized test points and procedures, these certified products are particularly inexpensive and immediately available from stock.

Get certified measuring devices

Many quality management systems and testing centres require regular checking of the accuracy of the measuring instruments used. Furthermore, it is required that the measurement values can be traced back to national standards or a comparable European institution.

Who are devices with a test certificate suitable for?

Measuring devices with a test certificate are particularly suitable for:

  • pharmacies (clinical studies, storage of medication)
  • the manufacturing sector / industry (food)
  • inspectors / experts / quality control
  • landlords

No matter for what purpose you need products with a test certificate, the requirement for precise measurement accuracy is met and documented by using a measuring instrument with a test certificate.

What types of certificates are available at TFA?

There are 3 types of certificates:

  • factory certificate
  • ISO certificate
  • DAkkS certificate

If you are unsure which type of certificate you need, ask your testing institution or refer to the relevant law. You may also be able to find information about the frequency of certification. We recommend having our devices re-certified with certificates at least every 2 years.

Factory certificate

The TFA Dostmann factory certificate can be traced back to a reference device with ISO certification. It is possible to customize the test points and these should be chosen so that they are in a range that is crucial for the intended use.

For example, if the application is to check the refrigeration chain for food, the test readings should be at correspondingly low temperatures, as this is where the measuring device should measure accurately.

The test points can relate to temperature and/or humidity. In a narrow field of application (such as a refrigerator), usually one measurement point is sufficient. If the measuring device is used in several applications or a wider field of application, two or more test points are advisable.

ISO certificate

The measuring devices are also available with an ISO certificate. ISO certification is much more detailed than factory certification and is carried out and drafted according to official specifications and QS guidelines. The underlying reference device is a measuring device with a DAkkS certificate.

You can also select the calibration points. This will give you a customized ISO certificate in accordance with your needs and specifications for the respective application.

DAkkS certificate

Upon request, we can supply you with measuring devices with a DAkkS certificate. Products with a DAkkS certificate can be used as a reference for checking subordinate measuring devices within your quality management system.

The device is tested here by one of the German accreditation bodies. It carries out the calibration of the products according to DAkkS standard in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. The calibration certificate documents the traceability to references in compliance with international specifications.

Order a product with a certificate

The measuring instruments listed below include a factory certificate with commonly used calibration points as standard or as an order option (catalogue number ends with .K) and can be ordered directly. For these products, you can see for which test points they are certified. The test certificate will be sent with the product when ordered.

If you need other test points or a different type of certificate, first select the appropriate product from the following product categories:

and specify which certificate you need and which test points should be considered. We will be happy to create a custom offer for you or provide you with the contact details of suitable online retailers.