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Set for indoor climate monitoring with ventilation tips WEATHERHUB COSY RADAR 31.4008


  • Indoor climate set for WEATHERHUB SmartHome system
  • Featuring recommendations for active ventilation
  • Simultaneous monitoring of indoor and outdoor climate
  • Numerous additional app features
  • Easy installation via internet gateway

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Product specification

Window open or closed? Finding the ideal room climate is not so easy and ventilation isn’tt always the first choice. Depending on the weather, the air quality may even deteriorate. With the COSY RADAR set you can easily and specifically improve your indoor climate, permanently avoid mould and thus live healthier. Indoor and outdoor climate are checked at the same time and the WEATHERHUB App gives you specific ventilation recommendations directly on your smartphone.
The COZY RADAR set consists of 3 parts:
1) The COZY RADAR thermo-hygrometer informs you on the temperature and humidity at the place of installation, e.g. in the bedroom, nursery, basement or pantry. You can immediately detect any persistent risk of mould on the innovative long-term radar display.
2) The thermo-hygro transmitter provides you with the outdoor temperature and humidity simultaneously.
3) The WeatherHub Gateway receives the data from the thermo-hygrometer and transmitter and sends the readings to a server via the Internet. The WEATHERHUB App accesses the data, compares the indoor climate with the outdoor climate and gives specific recommendations for actively improving the indoor climate with ventilation, heating, dehumidifying or humidifying.
The app then reports, for example: "Room air clearly too humid. Ventilation improves the living environment. In case of a cold room increase room temperature. Dehumidify actively. Risk of mould! " So you can immediately initiate the necessary steps and ensure a comfortable and healthy indoor climate.
With the WEATHERHUB app, you can retrieve the measured values worldwide via smartphone and use numerous additional functions. For instance, the current temperature and humidity can be retrieved with highest and lowest values, different alert limits can be set and push messages are sent as a warning. The history of the past 90 days is visible and organised in different periods shown in graphics.
You can expand the system by adding up to 50 sensors and many other types of transmitters.


  • Set for WEATHERHUB SmartHome System, consisting of COSY RADAR thermo-hygrometer, temperature/humidity transmitter, gateway, power adapter for gateway and network cable
  • For the control of temperature and humidity
  • Checking indoor and outdoor conditions at the same time, concrete recommendations for actively improving the indoor climate are possible
  • COSY RADAR thermo-hygrometer with display of temperature and humidity at the installation site
  • Long-term humidity radar (3h/24h/7 days/30 days) detects constant risk of mould
  • When used in connection with WEATHERHUB gateway, check data at any time and anywhere via smartphone, also for multiple users, free app
  • Adjustable alarm limits, push notifications in the event of alarm
  • Memory of at least 90 days
  • Numerous additional app features: max.-min.-functions, notifications about comfort level of indoor climate (e.g. " room air a little too dry ") and recommendations for ventilation / heating / dehumidification / humidification
  • Adjustable alarm when the average humidity exceeds or falls below a certain value over a certain period (3 hours, 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days)
  • Graph of the last 3 hours, 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days
  • Simple installation, up to 50 sensors (868 MHz) can be connected
  • System expandable with many other types of transmitters
  • For iOS and Android

TFA Quality mark:

  • Swiss Precision Sensor
  • WeatherHUB
  • weatherHub Pro+

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Technical data

Delivery contents Cosy Radar thermo-hygrometer, temperature/humidity transmitter, gateway, power adapter, LAN cable, instruction manual
Measuring range temperature indoor -10…+60°C (+14…+140 °F)
Measuring range temperature outdoor -40…+60°C (-40…+140 °F)
Measuring range humidity 0...99%
Maximum range 100 m (Cosy Radar), 200 m (transmitter)
Transmitter included in delivery 30.3303.02 (transmitter), 30.5043.01 (Cosy Radar)
Transmission frequency 868 MHz
Material Plastic
Power consumption Batteries, power adapter (EU plug)
Batteries 2 x AAA 1.5 V (transmitter), 2 x AAA 1.5 V (Cosy Radar)
Batteries included no
Dimensions Gateway (L) 40 (44) x (B) 28 (32) x (H) 104 mm
Weight Gateway 66 g, set 505 g (incl. packaging)