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Digital kitchen scale MOCHI 50.2007


  • Tare function
  • Automatic off-function after 2 minutes
  • Automatic volume conversion for milk
  • Non-slip stand with rubber pads

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Product specification

Modern kitchen scales can also do without corners. The Mochi digital kitchen scales are a good example. A classic shape and many helpful features. Maybe even more than you expect from a set of scales. Just think of the automatic volume calculation for milk. A highlight that not every appliance can offer.

Does it sometimes get very busy in your kitchen? Wherever you put the Mochi, it stays there. Non-slip rubber pads ensure it stands securely.

Sometimes, you just need a vessel for weighing. Don't worry, the weight will still be right in the end. The tare weighing function makes sure of that. And it is anything but complicated.
Place the empty container on the weighing surface, then switch on the kitchen scales. The tare function is disregarded. You can see the exact weight on the LCD display. It would be hard to find a more convenient way to read the result.

Is weighing in grams just less convenient? Measurements in ml, lb. oz or fl. oz are sometimes more in demand. Simply change the weight mode with the unit key.

The Mochi digital kitchen scales also have other valuable advantages. You can never forget to switch off the scales again. Because this is done automatically after two minutes without use. So, changing the battery due to breakdowns will hardly ever be necessary.
A plastic housing can be so wonderfully timeless. These kitchen scales certainly show us that. And they are also easy to clean. Just wipe them with a damp cloth and you can put the scales away.

Would you prefer to have the Mochi digital kitchen scales close at hand? With so much functionality, we can of course understand that.


  • LCD display
  • Tara function
  • Extended automatic off-function
  • Non-slip stand with rubber pads
  • Measuring umschaltbar: g => lb:oz => ml => fl’oz
  • Measuring accuracy: +/- 0.2 % of the measured value
  • Volume switchable for water or milk

Product information for download:

Technical data

Measuring range 1 ... 5000g / ml (switchable g => lb:oz => ml => fl’oz)
Delivery contents Kitchen scales, instruction manual
Material Plastic
Batteries included no
Assembling Freestanding
Power consumption Batteries
Batteries 2 x AAA 1.5 V
Dimensions (L) 160 x (B) 200 x (H) 29 mm
Weight 319 g

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