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Digital kitchen scale APPLE PIE 50.2005


  • Illuminated LCD display and tare function
  • Easy to clean stainless steel surface
  • Automatic switch-off after 2 minutes
  • Resolution 0.1 g

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Product specification

Do the digits behind the decimal point count for you too? The Apple Pie digital kitchen scales offer the right support because you can use it to weigh to the nearest 0.1 g. So, you can finally weigh herbs and spices accurately as well.

You can easily read the exact weight on the illuminated LCD display. With the tare weighing function, only the contents count on these kitchen scales. To use this function, place the empty container on the weighing surface. Only then switch on the appliance. This way, the Apple Pie digital kitchen scales only weigh the ingredients.
The unit button offers flexibility in units of measurement. Simply click on the desired unit as required. Whether g, ml, lb. oz or fl. oz, the Apple Pie copes with German and U.S. weights. It weighs liquids just as reliably as solid ingredients.

You don't have to think about switching it off either because the scales switch off automatically. And they do so after just two minutes. So, the batteries are sure to last a long time.

So, what makes the Apple Pie digital kitchen scales so special? They are a perfectionist when it comes to accuracy. They are child's play to operate and have a beautiful captivating design. Black plastic and a stainless steel weighing surface on top, combined with an easy-to-clean image of timeless elegance.

Of course, so much functional beauty needs a secure stand. That's why rubber pads contribute to the slip resistance. No wonder you feel like eating apple pie.


  • Illuminated LCD display
  • Stainless steel surface
  • Tare function
  • Extended automatic switch-off
  • Non-slip stand
  • Unit of measurement switchable: g => ml => lb:oz => fl'oz
  • Excat weighing with 0.1g-resolution
  • Measuring accuracy: +/- 0.1 % of the measured value

Product information for download:

Technical data

Measuring range 0,5 ... 5000g / ml (switchable: g => ml => lb:oz => flundapos;oz)
Delivery contents Kitchen scales, instruction manual
Material Plastic, stainless steel
Batteries included no
Assembling Freestanding
Power consumption Batteries
Batteries 3 x 1,5 V AAA
Dimensions (L) 155 x (B) 210 x (H) 29 mm
Weight 323 g

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