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Professional oven thermometer with flexible metal probe 14.1037


  • For checking the cooking chamber temperature up to 500°C
  • With clamping element and flexible metal probe
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • For pizza oven, woof-fired ovens, bread ovens, grills or smokers
  • As a spare part, for retrofitting or self-built

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Product specification

A crispy pizza crust, golden-brown stone-baked bread or perfectly browned cheese on your gratin: With this reliable professional oven thermometer from TFA, you can control the temperature in pizzerias, bakeries and any catering establishments where high heat is used and the right cooking chamber temperature provides that certain something. But this accurate measuring instrument is also useful in your hobby kitchen. Although many ovens have their own temperature display, this sometimes deviates significantly from the actual cooking chamber temperature. If you prioritise perfection in your kitchen, you prefer to play it safe – especially with temperature-critical dishes.

This robust stainless steel thermometer is securely installed and suitable for retrofitting your pizza oven, self-built stone or wood-fired oven and as a spare part. The thermometer has a mounting rim and is inserted into a pre-drilled hole (ø 60 mm) and fixed to the outside of your oven or grill with three screw holes. This allows you to keep an eye on the temperature scale, which is protected by a glass cover, at all times. The 150 cm long, flexible metal probe with the sensor element is guided into the cooking chamber. This analogue device measures temperatures from 0 to +500°C and is particularly suitable for use in wood, stone or bread ovens as well as in pizza ovens, grills or smokers.


  • For checking the temperature of the cooking chamber up to 500°C of pizza oven, woof-fired ovens, bread ovens, grills or smokers
  • With clamping element (U-clip) for mounting and flexible metal probe
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Temperatur scale with glass cover
  • As a spare part, for retrofitting or self-built
  • Built in ø 60 mm with U-clip 76 mm
  • Sensing element ø 8 mm x 100 mm
  • Metal probe ca. 150 cm

Technical data

Delivery contents Thermometer
Measuring range temperature 0...+500°C
Cable length ca. 150 cm
Material Stainless steel, glass
Dimensions Ø 76 x (H) 54 mm
Weight 175 g