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Liquid thermometer GALILEO GALILEI 18.1018

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Product specification

Liquid thermometer made after the idea of Galileo Galilei (1564-1642).

Galileo discovered that liquids change their density depending on the temperature.
When the temperature rises, the density of the liquid in the thermometer decreases. The comparatively heavier glass bulbs lose buoyancy – their ability to float – and sink.
On the other hand, if the room temperature decreases, the lighter glass bulbs gain buoyancy and gradually go up.
The difference in weight of the 5 glass bulbs is (to a hundredth of a gram) sized so that always the lowest of the above floating glass bulbs in the range of 18 ° C to 26 ° C displays the current temperature.


  • Liquid thermometer according to Galileo Galilei’s concept
  • Glass cylinder with 5 glass bulbs
  • Metal tags for the indication of temperature [*] [*]

Technical data

Delivery contents Thermometer
Measuring range temperature +18 ... +26°C
Material Glass
Assembling Freestanding
Dimensions (L) 32 (50) x (B) 32 (50) x (H) 280 mm
Weight 212g

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