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Baby care and nutrition

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The children’s room is a bedroom and playroom in one. From primary school age onwards, the room also becomes a study room. To make our little ones we parents put a lot of effort planning how to decorate the nursery or children’s room: Walls painted in cheerful colours, carpets, decorating stencils with lovely motifs and sturdy but elegant furniture.
The room’s décor is then completed with practical accessories that are suitable for children.

Tips for decorating children’s rooms

A nightlight is a real help for babies to fall asleep or for parents who sneak to bed in the dark and watch their children dream. The soft, warm light shines broad and just bright enough not to disturb baby’s sleep.
Wall clocks with children’s motifs on the dial are a suitable addition to the furnishings for the wall design. Whether you hang a clock on the wall in your baby’s room or only do so later for your toddler – children will certainly like to look at the cheerfully designed timepieces.

Learning clocks

As soon as children are interested in time, you can support their curiosity with a learning clock. Easy-to-read numerals, hour and minute hands in contrasting colours help children learn how to read the time on a clock.

Children’s alarm clock: Useful gifts for first graders

Most children get their first alarm clock when they start school. The TFA children’s alarm clocks are designed for children and many models also have alarm tones that match the motif on the dial. With an alarm clock for children you have a useful gift for birthdays or for the school bag when they start school.

Baby care and nutrition

If you are looking for useful items for the initial equipment required for babies, a gift for a birth or for expectant parents, you will find what you are looking for here: Bath thermometers, clinical thermometers, thermometers for baby food, night lights and clocks help with everyday life with babies.

Bath thermometer for babies and children

From birth onwards, we want to keep an eye on the water temperature when bathing. The easiest way to do this is by using a bath thermometer. Thermometers for the bath water show the optimal values for children or adults. Whether it is digital or analogue, fantasy figures or animal shapes, parents can be sure with a bath thermometer that the water is the right temperature.

How do I measure the temperature of baby food?

Beginning with follow-on milk or milk-based foods for infants, parents are always put to the test when it comes to determining the drinking temperature. The question can be answered quickly with a thermometer. Thermometers with a long probe are especially helpful for baby and infant food. Many TFA probe thermometers are both handy and intuitive to use, making them easy to use when preparing food or drinks for children.

Fever thermometer for babies and children

When newborns and children show symptoms of fever, use an electronic clinical thermometer to quickly measure body temperature. The measurement data memory helps to observe the course of the fever.