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Wireless thermometer with two transmitters DOUBLE-CHECK 30.3073


  • For double temperature control
  • Incl. 2 wireless transmitters (1x temperature transmitter. 1 x temperature transmitter with waterproof cable sensor)
  • Ideal for refrigerator, freezer, aquarium, pool and pond
  • Max.-min. values
  • Temperature alarm with history

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Product specification

Indoors, outdoors, in the pool, in the fridge – the DOUBLE-CHECK wireless thermometer can be used anywhere and is the 2-in-1 solution for indoors and outdoors.

Ultimately, one display is enough to see both how warm it is outside and whether your pool is already at the right temperature. The clear display receives all of its data wirelessly: the date, day of the week, time and how cold or warm it is at the two measuring locations of your choice. In addition to the base station, the set includes two transmitters: a wireless transmitter for the indoor or outdoor temperature and a wireless transmitter with cable sensor. The 2-metre long, waterproof cable is ideal for checking the temperature of your fridge, freezer, aquarium, pond or pool.

Wherever you want to measure the temperature, both transmitters can be placed up to 100 metres away from the base station. So, you can already tell from inside how refreshing it will be to jump into the pool or whether the whole house is at a cosy temperature, the fish in the aquarium feel comfortable and the freezer is working properly.

By the way, you save electricity if your fridge and freezer are set correctly. As a cherry on top, vegetables also stay fresh longer. Your fridge should be at a crisp 5 to 7 °C and your freezer at a minimum of -18 °C. Once set correctly, the DOUBLE-CHECK wireless thermometer helps you to maintain the ideal temperature too.

To be on the safe side, set the temperature alarm. The device records the alarm and the maximum and minimum values are also displayed along with the time.


  • For double temperature control with extensive alarm functions
  • Temperature transmitter for monitoring the outdoor or indoor temperature and transmitter with waterproof sensor cable (2m)
  • Ideal for refrigerator, freezer, aquarium, pool and pond
  • Maximum and minimum values showing time and date of recording
  • Adjustable temperature alarm with history
  • Trend indicator
  • Transmission range max. 100m
  • Radio-controlled clock with date and weekday (6 languages)
  • With fold-out stand, wall mounting hanger and two magnets

Product information for download:

Technical data

Measuring range temperature outdoor -40…+60°C
Delivery contents Base station, temperature transmitter, temperature transmitter (with cable), instruction manual
Radio-controlled clock defeatable yes
Time zone correction +12/-12h
Maximum range 100 m
Transmitter included in delivery 30.3250.02 (T-transmitter), 30.3255.02 (T-cable-transmitter)
Transmission frequency 433 MHz
Clock Radio-controlled clock
Material Plastic
Assembling Wall mounting or freestanding
Power consumption Batteries
Batteries 2 x 1,5 V AAA (base station), 2 x 1,5 V AA (each transmitter)
Batteries included no
Dimensions (L) 118 x (B) 20 (42) x (H) 74 mm
Weight 85 g

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