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Video Infrared Thermometer With Humidity Sensor SCANTEMP RH 860 31.1130


  • Infrared thermometer with video function
  • Humidity sensor and input for thermocouple probe
  • Large colour display
  • Hold-, max.-min. values function
  • Large memory for readings

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  • IR thermometer for contact-free measuring of surface temperature with photo and video function for simultaneous documentation
  • Internal sensor for measuring relative humidity and external type-K thermocouple probe NiCr-Ni
  • Large color screen shows the application as a JPG image with measured values and date stamp
  • Large data memory (SD card slot)
  • With double-laser sighting, special glass lens with ratio of measuring distance/spot size: 50:1
  • Large measuring range
  • HOLD-,MAX-MIN function
  • Carrying case, tripod and USB cable included

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Technical data

Delivery contents Infrared thermometer, carrying case, tripod, USB cable, rechargeable battery, instruction manual
Measuring range temperature T ir: -50...+1000°C (-58...+1832°F)
Measuring range temperature outdoor T ex: -100...+1370°C (-58...+2498°F)
Measuring range humidity 0...100%
Material Plastic
Power consumption Rechargeable battery
Batteries 1 x 3,7 V (Rechargeable battery)
Dimensions (L) 62 x (B) 125 x (H) 225 mm
Weight 416 g

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