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Thermo-hygrometer for smartphones SMARTHY 30.5035


  • For measuring temperature and humidity
  • Sensor for plugging into the headphone socket
  • Free app, photo / logger / share / print feature
  • Max. and min., graphical progress bar
  • No batteries required
  • Only for Android devices

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Product specification

Turn your smartphone into a mobile climate measuring device. Simply plug the SMARTHY into the headphone jack and you'll be able to measure the ambient temperature and humidity anywhere. For a quick and precise climate check, outdoors or at home. The small sensor is always ready to use and does not require a battery.
The animated display on the home screen clearly shows you the current temperature and humidity. The highest and lowest values and active alarm limits are also directly displayed.
The logger function allows you to create a series of measurements for a given location and extend it with your records. The values can be complemented with a description and also with a photo. The extensive graphics feature allows you to closely follow the course of the measurements.
Especially exciting is the photo function, not only for holiday snaps: capture the moment with a beautiful photo and complete the recording directly with the current temperature and humidity on site.
Share the readings with your friends and acquaintances via Twitter, Facebook or e-mail. Send a picture of your holiday destination with the latest climate data.


  • ermo-hygro sensor to plug into the audio jack, measures temperature and humidity
  • Free app for easy operation (English, German)
  • Maximum and minimum values, graph display
  • Programmable alarm values
  • Dew-Point
  • Photo function, logger function, share and print function
  • Only for Android devices with headphone socket (audio jack is required)
  • No battery required
  • Registered TFA design

TFA Quality mark:

  • Registered TFA Design Patent

Product information for download:

Technical data

Measuring range temperature -20...+60°C (-4...+140°F)
Delivery contents Thermo-Hygrometer, Instruction manual
Measuring range humidity 20...95%
Material Plastic
Dimensions (L) 18 x (B) 9 x (H) 54 mm
Weight 7 g

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Item number: 98.1094.01