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Infrared thermometer with dew point MOLD DETECTOR 31.1141


  • Detects the risk of mould quickly and easily
  • Contact-free measuring of surface temperature
  • Indication of indoor climate and dew point
  • Traffic-light display and bar graph
  • With dual laser visor and backlight

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Product specification

Showering, cooking, drying laundry: people continuously release water vapour through their activities. If there is not enough air exchange – a problem in many modern, well-insulated houses – the room air quickly becomes too damp. The MOLD DETECTOR from TFA Dostmann means you are spared an annoying and harmful mould infestation.

The infrared thermometer enables you to measure the surface temperature of at-risk walls, floors, ceilings or windows without touching them. At the same time, the device monitors the ambient temperature and relative humidity. The dew point is calculated from this.

The closer the surface temperature is to the dew point temperature, the higher the risk of mould growth on the measured surface. If the measuring device indicates an ambient temperature of 20°C and a humidity of 65%, the dew point temperature is 13.2°C. What does this mean? The air in a room must condense at all points that are cooler than 13.2°C, i.e. where water droplets form and mould or mildew stains can occur later.

With its integrated traffic light display and bar graph, the measured values are evaluated with regard to mould risk and you can react with targeted heating and ventilation if necessary.

Contact-free temperature measurement – made possible by the proven infrared technology. Just aim at the object to be measured, press the button and you will get the result in a matter of seconds. The built-in double laser sight shows the actual measuring spot and makes it easier for you to identify your target.


  • Detects the risk of mould quickly and easily
  • Contact-free measuring of surface temperature (e.g. walls, floors and ceilings)
  • Measuring of the ambient temperature and relative humidity
  • Calculation of the dew point (further cooling of the air leads to condensation)
  • Traffic-light display and bar graph
  • Dual-laser visor shows the exact spot size area
  • Backlight
  • Ratio of measuring distance/spot size 12:1

Product information for download:

Technical data

Delivery contents Infrared thermometer, battery, instruction manual
Measuring range humidity 0...100% rH
Measuring range temperature -50...+260°C (-58...+500°F)
Material Plastic
Power consumption Batteries
Batteries included yes
Batteries 1 x 9 V
Dimensions (L) 83 x (B) 60 x (H) 184 mm
Weight 176 g

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