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Energy-saving thermometer 12.1056


  • Made in Germany
  • To monitor the indoor temperature
  • With temperature recommendations in German
  • High accuracy due to a 2-point calibration
  • Made of solid beech wood

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Product specification

Energy-saving measures in your own four walls protect the environment and reduce your electricity and heating costs. After all, the best energy is the one that we don't even use in the first place. Turning your thermostat down by just one degree can reduce your monthly energy usage by an average of six percent.
The energy-saving thermometer helps you to achieve your personal savings goals.

The material and manufacture of the measuring device have also been designed with resource conservation in mind.
The perception of warmth varies from person to person and depends on the clothing and the activity undertaken by the person. Therefore, the comfort levels in terms of temperature are set very differently for the individual rooms. Whilst the temperature in the children's room, bathroom and living room is usually not below 20°C, places such as kitchen and bedroom, and in passageways such as the hallway or stairwell, can be cooler.

There is a lot of potential for saving energy if heating and ventilation are done correctly. Moreover, overly heated rooms not only waste energy, but they are also unhealthy.
Check each individual room’s temperature with a TFA indoor thermometer and keep the room temperature in the lower comfort-level range. After all, saving energy doesn't mean freezing temperatures. At night, you can turn down the heating a little and close the shutters – depending on the window insulation, you can lose up to 20 percent less energy. If you draw the curtains, you still reduce the heat loss by up to ten percent.
In addition to the air temperature, the surface temperatures of the surrounding areas such as windows, walls and ceilings also play a role. The colder the wall’s surface, the higher the air temperature must be to create a comfortable climate indoors.

Also remember to bleed the radiators regularly and not to place furniture in front of them to avoid loss of performance. Ventilate rooms at regular intervals also saves energy, as the rooms do not cool down, in contrast to have windows permanently tilted.
Use electronic heating thermostats that are as smart as possible. Turn it down when nobody is in the house. Insulate heating pipes and roller shutter boxes.
Check if windows and doors are already sufficiently sealed. If not, add this on to your to-do list as well. These are all recommendations that can help you save energy.

All materials used to manufacture this product, such as the renewable beech wood, come from Germany. We produce our mechanical weather instruments entirely in our own factory in Wertheim am Main and with proper handling, the products will last a lifetime, completely without battery. Shorter transport routes reduce the CO2 footprint and thanks to the solar panels on our company roof, we generate a good 50% of our electricity consumption from renewable sources.


  • Indoor thermometer for monitoring room temperature
  • With temperature recommendations in German
  • Large and easy to read
  • Beech wood
  • Made in Germany

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  • Made in Germany
  • Promotional products

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Technical data

Delivery contents Thermometer
Material beech
Assembling Wall mounting
Dimensions (L) 56 x (B) 19 x (H) 250 mm
Weight 114 g

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