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Digital alarm clock with various alarm sounds 60.2032


  • 16 different alarm tones and melodies
  • Two alarm time with snooze function and 3 volume levels
  • Coloured display with 4 brightness levels and display of the indoor temperature
  • Integrated rechargeable battery for charging via micro-USB cable

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Product specification

The snooze button is the morning grouch's best friend, right? This digital alarm clock does its best to make getting up as pleasant as possible for you. At any time of the day.

A variety of presets and operating options helps to get the day off to a great start: Choose your personal alarm sound from 16 different alarm tones & wake-up melodies.

You can get up as gradually as suits your rhythm thanks to the snooze button. Two different alarm times can be programmed independently of each other. You can't stand anything loud in the morning or don't like bright light? You don't have to: You can choose your perfect combination from 3 volume and 4 brightness levels.

What makes this alarm clock even more practical:
It doesn't need batteries, but its integrated rechargeable battery can be easily recharged via the USB cable included. To save energy, the display switches off automatically after 6 seconds. You can reactivate it with a clap or a quick tap on the housing.

Getting up in style is a pleasure: The large, mirrored display is an eye-catcher. It is used exclusively to display the time and indoor temperature. The time appears in large, white digital numbers, the temperature somewhat smaller in blue. Another visual detail for design lovers: All the control buttons are located on the back of the alarm clock. This shows the modern design of this digital alarm clock to its best advantage.

We can't promise you that you will prefer getting up with this alarm clock, but at least it creates the best conditions for it.


  • 16 alarm tones (alarm sound and melodies)
  • Two alarm times and snooze function
  • 3 volume levels
  • Indoor temperature (°C/°F)
  • Coloured display with 4 brightness levels
  • Display switches off automatically after 6 seconds (energy-saving function)
  • To activate briefly, touch the alarm clock or make a sound (e.g. clapping)
  • On-off switch
  • Integrated rechargeable battery for charging via micro-USB cable (included)

Technical data

Delivery contents Alarm clock, DC 5V USB power adapter cable, instruction manual
Measuring range temperature indoor 0...+50°C (+32...+122°F)
Clock Quartz clock
Material Plastic
Assembling Freestanding
Power consumption Built-in rechargeable battery / DC 5V USB
Dimensions (L) 145 x (B) 32 x (H) 65 mm
Weight 161 g