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CO2 monitor AIRCO2NTROL UP Dual Beam 31.5010


  • For the monitoring of CO2 concentration-levels in rooms
  • High-quality NDIR Dual Beam sensor
  • Display of ambient temperature and humidity
  • Storage of highest and lowest values of CO2, temperature and humidity
  • Alarm function for CO2 concentration

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Product specification

Indoor air quality is becoming increasingly important. After all, a good indoor climate promotes health and well-being. It also increases performance. This is particularly important in schools, offices and public buildings. Basically, anywhere where many people are present at the same time.

But when is the air we breathe "good air"? In closed rooms, CO2 concentration is one of the most important factors. The higher the concentration, the worse the air.

Yet CO2 stays under the radar of human senses. We can neither see it nor smell it. We only notice its effects, such as fatigue and dizziness. Or those of a viral disease. Because the probability of transmission increases with the CO2 load: the more exhaled air there is in the room, the greater the danger of becoming infected with the coronavirus, for example, via aerosols.

With the AIRCO2NTROL UP Dual Beam CO2 Monitor, you have a permanent overview of air quality. Its display shows the current CO2 content of your room air. In addition, the temperature and humidity appear in its lower display area.
With your new air control system, you can now ventilate in time and constantly maintain a good indoor climate.

How does CO2 monitoring work with the AIRCO2NTROL UP Dual Beam from TFA? A high-quality NDIR Dual Beam sensor measures the current CO2 content in ppm (parts per million). "Dual Beam" means that, with each regular measurement, there is always a second control and calibration measurement to ensure a permanently stable measurement.
The exact result is then visualised on the display, as a measured value and as a bar on a circular, graphic display. A traffic light display additionally illustrates the value. Green indicates good air. Yellow, blue and red warn of increasingly bad air.
Values up to 600 ppm are considered ideal, by the way. The sensor of this device has a measuring range of 400 ppm to 5000 ppm.
An acoustic alarm assists you in monitoring. You can set the upper limit for the alarm signal yourself.
It stores the maximum and minimum values of the last 24 hours for CO2, room temperature and humidity. These can be called up at the touch of a button.

The result: many useful measurement results at a glance. Its high-contrast display and smartphone design make this CO2 monitor distinctive. Thanks to its integrated stand, the device is stable and can be placed anywhere.

The AIRCO2NTROL UP Dual Beam CO2 Monitor has an integrated battery, rechargeable from the mains. When fully charged, the unit can be operated for 12 hours independently of the mains.
This monitor comes complete with a 1.5 m long USB cable and power adaptor.


  • For monitoring the CO2 concentration in buildings, where people are present, eg: schools, offices, public facilities
  • High performance NDIR Dual Beam sensor for long-term stable measurements.
  • Large CO2 display with extended traffic light indication (green/yellow/blue/red)
  • Display of indoor temperature (°C/°F) and humidity
  • Memory of the highest and lowest values of CO2, temperature and humidity
  • Alarm function for CO2 concentration
  • High contrast display with 4 brightness levels
  • Manual calibration function for CO2 sensor
  • Prower connection via USB Type-C cable and power supply (included) or a suitable USB power source
  • Integrated rechargeable battery with 12 hours runtime

TFA Quality mark:

  • Charged by USB

Product information for download:

Technical data

Measuring range CO2: 400...5000 ppm
Measuring range humidity 25...95% rH
Delivery contents CO2 monitor, USB-C cable, power adapter (EU-plug), instruction manual
Measuring range temperature 0...+50°C (+32...+122°F)
Material Plastic
Assembling Freestanding
Power consumption Power adaptor (USB-C), integrated rechargeable battery Li-Ion 2000 mAh
Dimensions (L) 77 x (B) 96 x (H) 144 mm
Weight 203 g

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