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Anemometer for smartphones VAAVUD 42.6002


  • Innovative anemometer for your smartphone
  • Easy to use with the free app
  • For measuring the current wind speed
  • Real-time graphic recording
  • Robust design and smooth Teflon bearings

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Product specification

The Vaavud anemometer makes your smartphone an indispensable companion for all sailors, kite lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.
This small high-tech anemometer works without electronics and is compatible to iOS and Android.
Simply download the free app, plug the anemometer into your smartphone headphone and hold it up to measure the wind. Vaavud shows the current wind force, the measurement average and the maximum measured wind force in knots, kilometers, meters per second or Beaufort. The real-time graphic recording registers each measurement and the live map allows the measurements to be viewed by all Vaavud users.
The Vaavud anemometer is made of a plastic which is almost unbreakable (ABS / PC) and can easily be washed with water if it gets dirty.
The Teflon bearing (Teflon / POM) allows a very smooth start of the anemometer and ensures accurate measurements.
The measurement range is 2 to 24 * m / s, depending on the smartphone model. The accuracy is better than +/- 4% or 0.25 m / s. The resolution is 0.1 m / s.


  • For the measurement of wind speed
  • To plug into the audio jack
  • Free app for easy operation
  • Maximum and average values
  • Graphical real-time capture registers each measurement, live map shows measurements from all users
  • Small and compact, made of durable plastic (ABS/PC), washable
  • Smooth-running Teflon bearings
  • Precision of at least ±4% or 0.25 m/s, resolution 0,1 m/s
  • No batteries required
  • With neoprene pouch
  • Registered TFA design
  • For iOS and Android, compass required

Product information for download:

Technical data

Delivery contents Anemometer, instruction manual
Measuring range wind Beaufort - km/h <-> mph <-> m/s <-> knots
Material Plastic
Dimensions (L) 113 x (B) 20 x (H) 58 mm
Weight 17 g

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