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Analogue XXL radio-controlled clock with aluminium frame 60.3500


  • High-precision, radio-controlled wall clock
  • XXL format
  • Frame made of brushed aluminium
  • Glass cover
  • Ideal for the house, the office or as a gift

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Product specification

With this radio-controlled wall clock by TFA Dostmann you always have the right time in view. And thanks to the XXL format, the time can be easily seen even from a distance.
This feature makes it is particularly suitable for the office, the waiting room, as well as the foyer or the reception area.
With its clear, timeless design, it blends harmoniously into almost any surrounding.
This TFA radio-controlled wall clock receives the time via the DCF 77 signal and so the current time is always displayed to the second, which eliminates the changeover from summer to winter time.


  • Highest precision, radio-controlled clock
  • XXL format
  • Frame made of brushed aluminium
  • Glass cover

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Technical data

Delivery contents Radio-controlled wall clock, battery, instruction manual
Clock Radio-controlled clock
Material Brushed aluminium, glass
Assembling Wall mounting
Power consumption Battery
Batteries 1 x AA 1.5 V
Batteries included yes
Dimensions (L) 505 x (B) 60 x (H) 505 mm
Weight 2097 g