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Bath thermometer set 10 pcs. 95.1005


  • Made in Germany
  • 6 x 14.3000.02
  • 4 x 14.3000.06

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Product specification

With this simple, yet practical bath thermometer with a handle, you will never again run the risk of getting scalded by a hot water bath. It is particularly suitable to increase the safety during bathing, especially for babies, children and elderly people. Or it can be simply used to increase your bathing comfort. For ease of use, the optimal temperature range is marked.
The thermometer is entirely manufactured in Germany. A 2-point calibration makes it very accurate.
The capillaries are filled with a specially coloured thermometer liquid. The use of mercury in thermometers has been forbidden for several years.


  • Plastic, with handle, assorted, from 10 pieces
  • Made in Germany

TFA Quality mark:

  • Made in Germany

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Technical data

Delivery contents Bath Thermometer
Material Plastic
Dimensions (L) 37 x (B) 11 x (H) 195 mm
Weight 20 g

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