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Analogue hygrometer 44.1007


  • Made in Germany
  • To monitor the humidity
  • With practical adhesive pad
  • Small and robust
  • No batteries required

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Product specification

Create a comfortable indoor climate for your home! The small and practical hygrometer measures the humidity in your rooms and is quickly and easily attached to most surfaces with the adhesive pad.
Once the value is outside the comfort level of 40 to 60% for a prolonged period, you can respond to it.
Since a room air that is too humid promotes the emergence of dangerous mould; but a room air that is too dry can have an adverse effect on our well-being in several respects: skin and respiratory system will suffer and infections, allergies and asthma symptoms can worsen.
Pets, plants, wooden floors, antique furniture, musical instruments and books also need the right climatic conditions.
The hygrometer is entirely manufactured in Germany.


  • To monitor the humidity
  • Robust plastic housing
  • With adhesive pad
  • No batteries required
  • Made in Germany

TFA Quality mark:

  • Made in Germany

Technical data

Delivery contents Hygrometer,nmounting parts
Diameter work Ø 56 mm
Material Plastic
Assembling Wall mounting
Dimensions (L) 56 x (B) 10 x (H) 56 mm
Weight 12 g

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