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The weather in April 2020 has been far too dry up until now. By the middle of the month, only 3 percent of the rainfall has fallen in Germany, which is an average of 3 percent in April since the weather was recorded. The outlook brings little hope of much rain.

So far, the sunshine has accompanied us almost every day in April. Most people certainly enjoy the dry and warm spring in Germany. But for nature, the weather is hard to bear.

Will the spring remain extremely dry?

Since a weather change in mid-March, high-pressure areas have dominated weather patterns in large parts of Europe. Is Germany heading for a drought similar to that of 2018 and 2019?

Too little rain in April

“April showers bring May flowers” is a well-known saying. The once moody month now brings almost a stable and beautiful weather. For 11 years, meteorologists have not recorded a single April that was classified as very humid.

For gardeners, a rainfall indicator is a great help in deciding whether plants need additional watering. Especially at the beginning of the growing season, plants need regular moisture. Therefore, a rain gauge belongs to every garden, especially now, when it rains only regionally and at longer intervals.

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Here at the TFA Dostmann head office, we constantly monitor the rainfall with the wireless rain gauge WEATHERHUB which measures and documents the rainfall quantities. Our company is located in Wertheim, in the state of Baden-Württemberg. Only 0.3 litres per square metre of rain have fallen so far at this location. This is only 0.5 (!) percent of the average 58 litres23 per square metre in April.

Im April 2020 gab es wenig Regen.

With the Weatherhub Smarthome System, you can easily check the amount of rainfall on your smartphone, even when you are out and about. The picture of the app shows the remarkably low amount of rainfall in April so far. You can also connect additional transmitters with the system. There is also a Weatherhub weather station for this system.

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Is climate change to blame for the dry weather?

March was already too warm and slightly too dry, and April has been much too warm and extremely dry so far. Is climate change responsible for drier springs we have been experiencing?

This is a question that climate researchers are increasingly asking themselves. There is some evidence to support this, as it has been raining much less in the spring months for the last 20 years. On a long-term average, April rainfall has decreased significantly. The sun shines more, and the thermometers show higher temperatures.

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Besides, the low air humidity and the persistent wind are also causing changes in climatic conditions. As a result, the soil is drying out even faster. Thermo-hygrometers are displaying an outside air humidity of 20 to 30 percent in certain regions. A value much lower than usual.

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Consequences of an extremely dry spring

At the moment, most crops need water urgently. The current drought also poses enormous risks for forests. In many places, there is a danger of wildfires. Without rainfall, the fire risk will increase even further.

Despite the exceptional dry season, Germany’s National Meteorological Service does not yet speak of a drought. Last winter and February were comparatively humid. You can see the high amount of rainfall in the history of the Weatherhub App.

If the summer becomes long, hot and dry again, 2020 could be a year of drought. However, it is still far too early for a reliable forecast for the summer. Ae little bit of rain is now being forecasted for the next few days once again. Hopefully not just a drop in the ocean, as the saying goes.

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