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Wireless Weather Station with Wind Meter and Rain Gauge METEOTIME DUO 35.1100


  • Combi device: professional weather forecast + local measurement
  • 4-day professional forecast via DCF77 signal
  • With outdoor transmitters for wind, rain and climate
  • With USB interface, free PC software
  • Memory for 3000 datasets, display illumination

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Product specification

The "METEOTIME DUO" wireless weather station combines the advantages of a forecasting station with professional weather forecasting and a classic wireless weather station with its own local sensors and outdoor transmitters.
So you get a multi-day weather forecast made by professional meteorologists via the DCF-77 signal. At the same time, the station allows your own weather observations via up to 5 thermo-hygro transmitters, a rain gauge and a wind transmitter, which are mounted on site.
The built-in memory allows you to record 3000 weather data. Simply connect the station to your computer via the built-in USB interface and use the free software to evaluate all weather information from the "METEOTIME DUO" wireless weather station.
The backlight comes on automatically via a light sensor. Continuous operation is only possible with a power adapter.


  • Weather forecast via DCF77 signal made by professional meteorologists for 470 cities (90 meteorological weather regions) in Europe, 60 regions with 4 days forecast (today + 3 days), 30 regions with 2 days forecast
  • Separated into day and night with expected highest and lowest temperatures
  • Text display for critical weather situations
  • Rain/snow/hail probability, wind velocity and direction, time for sun rising and Setting
  • Radio controlled clock with date
  • cal measuring values via sensors
  • Wireless transmission of outdoor temperature and humidity, rainfall quantity, wind velocity and direction
  • Indication of indoor temperature and humidity with comfort level, absolute and relative atmospheric pressure with 24 hours history
  • Bar graph indication of atmospheric pressure, temperature or humidity of the last 24 hours
  • Indication of moon phase, windchill factor and dew point
  • Programmable alarm functions like temperature alarm, storm warning
  • Maximum and minimum values
  • Data memory for 3000 weather records
  • PC-interface with analysis software package
  • LED backlight with light sensor (in continuous operation with power adapter)

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Technical data

Measuring range temperature outdoor -40...+60°C (-40...+140°F)
Delivery contents Base station, thermo-hygro transmitter, solar-powered wind transmitter, rain gauge, batteries, power adapter, instruction manual
Measuring range humidity 1...99%
Maximum range 100 / 30 m
Transmitter included in delivery 30.3150 (T/H-transmitter), 30.3148 (rain gauge), 30.3168 (wind transmitter)
Transmission frequency 433 MHz
Measuring range temperature indoor -10...+60°C (+14...+140°F)
Clock Radio-controlled clock
Material Plastic
Assembling To be hung or freestanding
Power consumption Power adapter (EU plug), batteries
Batteries 4 x AA 1.5 V (base station), 2 x AA 1.5 V (T/H-transmitter), 2 x AA 1.5 V (rain gauge), 2 x AA 1.5 V (wind transmitter)
Batteries included Yes
Dimensions (L) 260 x (B) 40 (80) x (H) 195 (250) mm
Weight 876 g